Sunday, September 25, 2011

3-9-11 Por FIN

So i´m sorry this got there so late today. I got back from Santiago really late today and I got a ton done.. just not emailing. So tailoring is really cheap in this country.. and for about 20 bucks I got a pair of custom made dress pants and for about 15 bucks I am getting a pair of golfer´s pants made. they´re cool.. i´ll send pictures. But for now I´ll just tell you about my week.

really the most notable thing was last night I had a lesson our progressing investigator family. they´re really awesome, especially the twins. They´re 13 years old and really excited about the church right now. They go every week and can already be baptized, but we just need to teach them everything. Anyway last night one of the twins had an amazing experience. We were finishing up the plan of salvation and at the very end of the lesson he raised his hand and wanted to say something. He explained that he had prayed about an hour and a half ago, asking god if the things we were teaching were really true. He got his answer. He said that it was right because God really did confirm his answer. It is true. It´s because this church has all of the commandments restored. It really is a miracle. It doesn´t sound like much.. he just did what we left him to do. Simple.. just pray. But sometimes we promise these things so much to so many different people without them acting it starts to feel like it´s less meaningful.. but it really is powerful. It´s true. The promise is there for everyone. The heavens really are opened. God wants to speak to his children.

That was the cool experience of this week. That and I had a mcflurry in santiago. It was incredible. Absolutely mindblowingly incredible. Especially because it ended a fast.

What more.. So you´re going to germany huh? well well say hi to tanja. And also.. tell her thanks so so so much for me. I never sent her an email that I even got her package. I am terrible. I feel terrible. But i will feel somewhat justified if she knows I still remember. I really did appreciate that a ton.

I got that package from brother ludlow this last week. It was FREAKING AWESOME. I don´t have time to write him this week but it was much appreciated like all packages. I am a little spoiled.. but it´s just incredibly nice to get a package every week. Especially with jerky.. and gel pens.. it´s amazing.

Anyway i want to write more. I don´t have time.. i feel terrible. I promise I will write more next week when I dont´ go to santiago.

I love you guys so much. I love your letters more than you know. Momma and dad, keep them good and long.. it´s so great to get one every week.

The work of the lord will continue here in fantino, and I am lucky enough to be a part of it.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

elder c. rufus sweeney

p.s. CAMERON IS GOING SPANISH SPEAKING: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! best news of the week by far.

tell him i said buenas suertes and give him a hug for him.

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