Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still, not a second wasted

Wow, that is so cool. Today, as I got up, got dressed as usual on P-day, putting on the mission clothes to go shop at la sirena, and realized that cameron was reporting today. I got chills. I know how much he is going to learn and grow, simply because of what I have learned and how much I have grown on the mission. He his a great young man, honestly I expect him to supercede me as a missionary. At least I hope so.

I have actually regressed a bit in my spanish.. actually by that I mean it has stayed about the same since last week. I have officially dove into Jesus the Christ, a slightly long undertaking but OH so worth it. I feel the need to read the new testament now, which I will read after I get done with the last half of Jesus the Christ.

Something unusual that I have picked up from reading spanish all the time is my ability to read english really quickly. I don't know if it has to do with the vocabulary or the fact that I interpret more, easier, but I read our search for happiness in an afternoon and half of Jesus the Christ in less that a week. Now it sounds like I'm bragging.. Nah, no brag, just fact. ;)

It's been a good week, we have a baptism saturday, and a marriage the 6 of august followed by 3 baptisms in the last week of the transfer, and a whole lot of other success that we're seeing. I don't know what happened, but after valdez left, this area rejuvinated.. Actually I know what happened, we are working like we should. Not that Valdez and I didn't work hard, it's just that fleurima and I are like animals, and you know what? Time is passing SUPER fast.

This last week was literally a blur. This week is filled with activities so it, too, will feel super short. And this next week is hump day of the transfer.

Let's see.. all is well. Today at la sirena all the produce was 35% off so I just went crazy. I even got peaches, which I had no idea even existed here! I got 4 giant mangos, avacado, peppers, a pinapple, and peaches.. that ought to last me. And yes, I AM washing everything really well.

Congrats momma! That's way exciting, now you can take all the vacations you want without me. :) Nah, nah I'm not jealous... Oh who am I kidding of course I'm jealous. Europe, the beach, atlanta.. I can't even go to the beach.. ha it's a new rule, we can't go to the beach even just to put our feet in the sand..

Not too much more to say, I am going to look for some good recipes to cook this week. I have tons of fresh stuff. Oh, and creole food is interesting. it's almost just like here but it has more flavor, and they make tons of smoothies, which is definitely awesome. I'm taking full advantage of my comp.. haha including learning creol and french, which he is also fluent in.

I love you too. Thank you for taking care of cameron while I'm gone, he needed that, and I know he appreciated it too.

Yes, my english is really horrible... but speaking 3 languages isn't easy! ha.

Oh, and the package STILL hasn't gotten here. I'm not worried, it just means someone isn't doing their job, my guess is it's the dominicans.

Till next week, packageless, tireless, and not a second wasted,

-elder c. rufus sweeney

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