Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Family! I'm writing a little bit earlier today because aparently the hurricane/tropical storm is on its way.

So aparently the hurricanes here can cause the power to go out.. can cause us to lose water.. and all the stuff that happened to me in fantino but for a LOOOOOOOONG time. How awesome is that? Haha I'm just gonna hope it doesn't happen. Pray for me.

That said, it's been a really good week. Like the opposite of the last week. FINALLY Rosanna, the girlfriend of Juan Carlos, came to church, gave up coffee, and they are going to get married, all in this week. Today he is going to make a date, so I'm hoping to get them baptised by the time I leave. If they get married by next friday, it's all good. But, either way I am just thrilled. We have poured so much time and energy into them, and to see our labors paying off is truly fulfilling. It's a feeling that can't be expressed. Marrying a family is so hard, so incredibly hard. If this was the only one in my mission it wouldn't be too surprising to me, but now that I understand the process maybe I can unite more and more families.

You know where my testimony comes from about the families? Yup, you guessed it, you two. And, of course the brothers and sisters. I was raised in a family so good, and took that for granted until the mission. I want these families to be just like my family from back home, and that's what I'm working for. Right now we are working with 3 families, and that is where I put the majority of my focus. It's where I draw my energy from. It's what keeps me going. The thought of building eternal families. I love it.

Also, we had an experience with an investigator. Aparently her sister is possessed by demons, and for that no attended church. Yup, that is a valid excuse here. But, it's pretty intense what she says. Aparently, she has a huge headache all the time that won't go away even by intense pain meds. It's not like one of those demons that makes her scream or whatever, but aparently is kind of like.. on vacation? I don't know. But aparently really comfortable.

Today was a good day. I played some basket ball for 3 hours.. ha I'm beat. But, I feel good and relieved.

So, another story. We left the house of Juan Carlos the other night and a drunk man, absolutely plastered, called us over and said he wanted to know more about us. He seemed sincere enough, but we were apprehensive, this man obviously wasn't himself. Regardless, we left him a pamphlet. Then, tuesday, we came back to his house, and he had read THE WHOLE THING! That may not sound like a big deal, but reading the stuff we leave is a HUGE deal here. Like, in the mission of me and my comp that has never happened. We taught him a fantastic lesson yesterday, felt the spirit, and left thinking that maybe we had been the lucky elders that this man happened to call, but I know that the Lord answers prayers, and we've been praying and fasting for miracles with our investigators.

Those prayers were answered in big ways this week. We both feel really good, get along great, and are ready for this "hurricane".. We'll just send it away with our priesthood.. haha ok that may have been blasphemy.

I love you two. I am going to take a nap. I love naps too. But not as much as you guys. Be safe, happy, and tell momma to rest, she needs it. She didn't even write me this week.

-Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

P.S. Don't think I forgot.. Till next week, not a second wasted.

P.P.S. and to answer your question, yeah, there are quite a few that have moved up in the group ahead of me. :)

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