Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AC is the best thing in the world?

I love when the letters are so long. Every week I get the FULL update. Complete. Total. It's nice, and makes me feel obligated to send a long letter too, so you're psychology is working.

So I must say, I have a district where 2 of the four missionaries are going home, and a zone where 7 of the 20 missionaries are also going home, so it's REALLY hard to avoid the "home" conversation. It's everywhere. And it's fascinating. But, it also makes me REALLY trunky. I have never been this trunky in the whole mission. I keep telling myself I just need to get past these next 2 weeks and I'll be golden, but there's not much hope for my comp. There is no potential for him to get a baptism so he feels like his time as a missionary is already expiring. We have to wait at least 3 weeks for someone to attend church 3 times, so his last 2 weeks he feels are almost pointless. I've told him he can at least plant seeds, but he doesn't want to do much. I can't say I blame him a whole lot, it's hard to focus with home on the mind and working with people that just do not want to listen, but I feel bad because we just aren't working as hard..

I have talked to president Lee about it and all, and he just said to get through 2 weeks and it'll all be ok.

Anyway, this week has been pretty good aside from that. I have gotten to eat at mcdonald's twice, once for lunch and once for breakfast. My district leader, Elder Nelson and I (he's going home too), have gotten pretty close. The guys from my entering group are still strong, I would say I have the best spanish for now but they are all learning really well. I'm so proud of my group, they are all really good Elders.

Elder Kimball, my comp from the MTC, aparently lives in a house that's just infested with cockroaches. The poor guy says it's almost insufferable. ha I feel bad but it's just a reminder that someone always has it worse than you, so you can never complain.

I am still happy, healthy (I'm cooking every meal now and have developed a recipe for some really good spaghetti), and strong. Aparently uvaldo, that baptism from a couple saturdays ago, has a friend with a barbecue so that's the plan on the fourth of july now. :) I will celebrate my american pride one way or another.

The D.R. is treating me well. I have to say, I have had pretty good luck in La Yaguita up till now. They say that before missionaries always got mugged here.. ha that's terrible but a sad reality of my mission. It happens. You give them 100 pesos, and they're happy. But, so far so good for me.

Oh, a strange connection that I made a while back. Remember my roommate, taylor johnson from BYU fall semester? His best friend that used to always hang out in his apartment is in the mission. He's a transfer ahead of me, so we'll be in the mission just about the whole time together. Anyway, he's in the office now in charge of mail and stuff so I'll be asking him if my package is here or not :)

Oh, and remind me please when I get back to tell you about fram, the brother of the woman for whom we built the house. I'm fine, but it's one of those things that I have to tell in person.

I don't want you to ever doubt for a second my testimony of this gospel. I know it's true, and even though there are things I don't understand, I know that it's true because I have VERIFIED with GOD that it's true. The one and only true church on the Earth would ask that of it's members, nothing more, nothing less.

I miss you two. Especially as my birthday and the fourth of july gets closer, I want to spend it with my family, but I know after this I am on my last one.

Funny how it works. Everyone takes their 2 years. Their turn in the mission. Then, just like that, it's over. This week one of the best missionaries and men that I know was sent home 2 weeks early for medical reasons. It was like losing a brother. He was assistant when I came in the mission. The mission, just like life itself, can end before you know it, so I have to capitalize on the opportunity I have RIGHT NOW.

Also, thanks for the package in advance. I know it hasn't come yet, but I am grateful for you guys every day. It will be an incredible day when we see each other again.

Till then-- not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

P.S. AC IS the best thing in the world.

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