Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As I sit here in this un-airconditioned internet center I am reminded that I am in fact on a tropical island and that, up till this point, I have only been here in the winter. It is getting SO WARM. Not that I mind the heat too much, I grew up in the Oklahoma summer sun. It's just that it's unescapable... You can at least retreat into the house in the U.S., not here. To make matters a little bit worse, the little battery powered power device that we had when the power went out is broken because Elder De Leon left the iron on. So, we are without fans when the power goes out, which is 12 hours of the day, mind you the most inconvenient 12 hours when we are proselying and NOT in the house. Oh.... and we ran out of water.........

Do I sound bitter? Maybe I am just a little. But, despite all that, I am happy. Genuinely, I am very satisfied. I am always working to make the mission work better, but as far as just being ok with where I am at this moment in existence... I feel ok. I have my health (kind of.. I'll explain later), I have support from back home and here, and I have the gospel. AND I have general conference. The super bowl of the mission. It is so wild. We should have it here in Fantino by internet, the missionaries are in charge of keeping that afloat (like just about everything), so we're gonna work with that tonight. My biggest worry is that I will miss a lot because I won't understand everything in spanish. But, I loaded up on snacks, I'll be in the air-conditioned church, and I will get to see America for the first time in a good while. That will feel like a warm familiar blanket.

I have to update you about that little health thing I didn't explain earlier so you don't panic mom.. I passed out saturday afternoon. Don't worry, don't worry, it was just because of severe diarrhea which lead to dehydration, nothing to worry about, but it was definitely unpleasant. Made for a crappy afternoon of staying in my bed all day, but I'm all better now with 2 powerades and a prodom (diarrhea pills).

Hmmmm... ok I have to tell you before I forget about this. I had a wild dream last night...

So my comp and I were walking in fantino when we saw a light on the horizon. We wondered what it was, and thinking it was the moon. Then we realized the moon was behind us. The light got brighter and brighter and soon it was like noon day, gray and hazy, then there was just panic in the streets. Suddenly fantino was as densely populated as New York, and from what we could decipher there was a natural disaster far away. Then we heard an exposion. Some happened to say in spanish that there was a nuclear attack in the U.S. We looked at a map on the news of all the places that had been hit, and the places that were on fire as a result. 5 or 6 large cities, including atlanta, had been attacked, and oklahoma was on fire. Then we ran into uncle mark who had a small refugee house here in the D.R. Yeah it got a little weird.. but he explained that Ellen was gone and that you and dad were missing still but that Oklahoma was an oven at the moment so it would be hard for anyone to survive. Then it ended....

My dreams tend to end with me realizing it's a dream, but for some reason that doesn't make the empty feelings that you get from them go away. That feeling clung on all morning.. It's weird how something like a dream, completely fabricated in the mind, can make you realize how grateful you are for something. I am so glad you are both still there, and Ellen too. Don't get me wrong, I know that we'd get to see each other again even if something did happen, but I love that I get to come back and have things planned with you on this earth.

Anyway, long sidetrack from real information there, but I just wanted to let you know I loved you. Really.

And.. I was thinking about it yesterday.. In this Easter package... It would not disappoint me if there was a couple more things in it. I need goldbond (yellow bottle) for..... not my feet. I won't explain more. And I thought the other day about how amazing your homemade bread is and if there was any way to get it here fresh............. If you can figure out away that would be so cool. I miss good bread, that's in short supply here. Also, I need you to send me contact solution. It's outrageously expensive here annd a much better deal if you just send me a big bottle. Thanks. :)

Also, how's everything going with the master's prep? You have to tell me who wins.. why.. how.. everything. You already know. Please and thanks. :)

Speaking of golf, I AM GOING TO PLAY NEXT WEDNESDAY TO CELEBRATE 6 MONTHS!!!! I am so pumped. Elder Kinney, another elder in the house, also plays. It's only 500 pesos in bonao, so I'm DEF going to take advantage. I am so pumped to go play. I may be playing more than you dad. haha

We have 3 baptisms planned for the Saturday after the next. I'm excited, this will be the first adult priesthoot I have baptized. He's 39 and really faithful, gave up coffee immediately and just gets it. He knows. That's all I can say. Next on the list I need to baptize a family. :)

I love the mission. I love your perspective on time dad. Wow.. 18 months ago at the hawaian luao. I cannot believe how time has flown and continues to fly. This last week have kept with my commitment to reform my obedience. I won't lie, being a more obedient missionary IS harder, but SO MUCH more rewarding.

I will take care of myself momma. I will drink plenty and eat the right stuff. I love you both so you do the same for me. And tell the seminary girls that I WILL write them. Actually this very week. I do think about everyone from home and pray for their well-being. I love this work with all my heart and I will not waste a second.

Till next week,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

(and thanks for writing this week momma) :)

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