Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happiness new companion

Ok now for the update. Ready? Good.

My new missionary´s name is Elder Johnson. He is from Ogden Utah and I already love him. He has tons of energy like me and we are absolutely going to explode here in Bonao. He looks a little like me, not as tall but wears glasses. He was adopted and has a younger adopted sister. I already love the kid.

And so, Elder Medina is GONE. Yes, he is not here anymore. He was transfered to Puerto Plata where he is companions with Elder Burr, another missionary from my group, and now becomes his burden. His purpose here in Bonao literally had nothing to do with the people. It was simply to find a house. Nothing more.

So, my kid got here today. Nothing too exciting yet. He´s just as wide eyed and confused as I remember being, but his accent is actually better than mine when I started. He will pick up the language really fast, I just know it.

He´s actually.. Well he´s a longhorns fan. Yes, UT. I told him.. We may be comps, but I don´t know if we can be friends. Ha he laughed and I realized.. Being with an American is super different. SOOO different. Even if he is new, and even if I do have to be the example, it´s gonna be more fun than I´ve had in a long time. He even PLAYS GOLF!! You bet we´re gonna do that for my one year mark.

Oh, and yeah.. Considering I´ve gotten a package from mark and melinda, you guys and have one coming from Melisa (girl I¨m writing), I will need some more personal money. Please and thanks so much. Seriously that´s a life saver.

I also have a couple needs.. I need a black belt, cheap one if you want but one that will last a year. The other one has seen better days. Also, an alarm clock. Also cheap, it´s just that the other one fell when I inadvertently attacked it in my sleep and conbusted into flames.. Ok not the flames part, but you get the idea.

Also, a calender. I wanna see my last year at least. :) It´s something motivating. Another one like that family one would be awesome. I loved that a lot. Like a whole lot.

And... What else. Oh maybe you´ve noticed but my tone has completely changed in my letters. I´m soooo happy right now. It´s that inexpressable joy that alma felt when he saw the sons of mosiah. I am so pumped for a great 2 transfers with my greenie. He´s gonna be a friend for life, I can already tell.

Also, a lot of people have been asking about my blog. It would be cool if joy would update it every once in a while. I think it´s still from like.. Fantino days.

Well, I am about to hit my hour. I love the mission. I really did appreciate having such a lazy comp, it taught me the value of work. It´s an alleviation to work. Especially for these two years when it´s just completely selfless service.

And so it is. Amen.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

(really this time)

-Elder C. Rufus Sweeney


Oh, and in all this new missionary stuff I´ve sort of forgotten about time. Wow that year really is coming fast. Like.. Unbelievably fast. I´ll be home before I know it.

I just saw Elder Kuhn, that zone leader that I lived with that saved me last transfer, go home today. He´s going to BYU so we´ll be hanging out up there. You really do make friends for life in the mission.. It´s honestly hard to see them go.

Ok, now really, time for me to get off. Gotta set the example for the ole youngin. You two be safe. Start looking at places to stay when you guys come again, it´s pretty soon. :)

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