Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memorable experiences

What an incredibly fast week it's been. Is it really P-day again. But, a ton has happened. Let me break it down for you by story in chronological order.

First, last friday I met a young man from scotland. Yes, here in middle of no where DR, a man from Scotland and I had a conversation in English. We are actually planning on sharing with him, which I love because I can actually speak my beloved English. My comp and I are dominican and speak spanish all the time. His english is good but his spanish is better, and my spanish is good enough to express everything I wanna say, so we just sort of forgot about that he knows english and speak spanish. But, I'm learning french now (It's a bit of a complicated language), so i'm gonna be trying to speak that more.

Second, a miracle of sorts happened to us the other day. A member told us that he had a friend that he wanted to give a blessing, and we went to their house. Turns out he had a stroke and lost all movement in his tongue, and he can't talk. It was really sad, and on more than one occasion in the visit he starting crying. Seeing a grown man cry is heartbreaking. I saw a once proud man humbled by his inability to speak. Adding to the sadness was the fact he doesn't know how to read or write...

But, we gave him a blessing, and the responsibility to seal the blessing fell up me. I was moved to tears myself, the spirit was so strong it was practically kicking me in the face. I don't remember much, but I remember promising that his ability to speak would come back soon. We left, with that same feeling deeply impressed upon each of us that a mighty miracle was to happen with him, if he would just allow it.

We returned to the house the next day, and began to share a message. We felt the spirit equally strong, and at the end of the lesson we invited his wife to say the closing prayer. At the end of the prayer we all said amen. WE ALL SAID AMEN. Him included. We asked his wife if he could talk yet, and she said no, and that he had said mamama, or in other words, sounds that don't require the tongue. But, again he repeated amen, and my comp and I just looked at each other. But, the wife REFUSED to hear it. Refused to accept that someone from another faith could perform a miracle like what we had performed.

It is that sort of incredulity that persists here in La Yaguita, even in the midst of miracles the people don't want to believe.

Ok, and I bet you are asking about the baptism? Well, thursday night we were preparing him for his final interview, and we received a phone call from the president of the branch. I mean branch president (spanish is killing me..). He informed us that, a few hours earlier, he had seen Eliseo, the candidate for baptism, smoking. Distraught, but eager to verify, we returned to the house of Eliseo. He told us it had been a month since his last cigarrette, but we could tell he was lying. He still clings to that story. He isn't going to be baptised any time soon..

So, we have our hope of the couple that we are marrying. We talked to them too, they are having a little problem in the couple and are working it out. Still hoping they get married on their date...

If I were to say the mission has been a roller coaster this week it would be an understatement. I can't believe the miracles we've seen mixed with lies and incredulity. It is uplifting but depressing at the same time. We work like dogs here. We are always soaked, if it's with our sweat or with rain, it's constant. But we keep working, and effectively it is making time pass super quickly.

Well, already my time has expired in email. Jeezz.. this rule is tough. I love you two. Tell cate and matt congrats on the job. I know matt won't have too much trouble finding a job in Denver, it's a good city.

Let's see.. I think that's it. I love you two. The package still hasn't come. Still hopefull. It really isn't the package that's too important, it's the love that it's sent with and the thought that I am cared for.

My comp got a package the other day. He has a family from the states that seems to be well off and super sweet. They're members that are involved in a program of sending packages to less wealthy missionaries.

I will see you in a little more than 1 year. That's not too much, really!

Till next week, not a second wasted,

-elder c. rufus sweeney

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