Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I've decided to make up for the shortness of last week's letter with a SUPER LETTER... complete with pictures, videos and stories of life here thus far. Sound good? good.

first the pictures
photo 719: I'm eating fine! I made french toast the other day. It was like a little taste of your cooking momma only not near as good.

photo 717: it's a metaphor of time in the mission.. elder carpenter and I.

photo 731: before you judge, it was right before a baptism and the water was just filthy so we had to refill it. I didn't want to get in the water so what you see was the most effective means of getting the drain undone.

photo 747: wow.. pic # 747 this would make carpenter really trunky haha. But yeah, you never know where you'll find yourself tracting here in the campo (spanish equivalent for country)

photo 770: carnaval is a really terrifying holiday.

photo 738: I tried sugar cane for the first time. It's amazing.. You cut off the bark with a machete and eat the sweet, sugary juicy inner part. We'll def get one when you're here.

I think that's all the photos for now. Next up.. videos. :)

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