Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Starting Over

I LOOOOOOVE your letters, let me just say. that article by stephen colbert was absolutely hilarious! I forgot how funny english can be.

Welp.. Your report on transfers. I did not go up. I am junior comp to Elder Medina, a dominican who was zone leader just this last transfer with none other than my dad. Ha. But I feel good. I'm in Bonao, yes, the same zone in which I started the mission. I live with the zone leaders of the Bonao zone, which is awesome because Elder Kuhn, an american who was mail guy in the office for a while, may just save me.

But yeah, so we got white washed and we white washed an area. I am starting from scratch more or less. It's really intense.. This area is apparently pretty dead. I feel like there is a reason I'm here.. But Idk. I guess I was exhaggerating a bit when I said I was feeling good.. I'm not feeling great. First of all my luggage got lost on the way here, so that's gonna get to me friday. Meanwhile I have one set of clothes and my scriptures.. And that's it. So, that kinda sucks. BUT, my package DID come and I got to see it, but I knew I was being transfered so I am having them send it to me wednesday with my luggage.

So, even though I didn't move up my best friend in the mission DID! Elder Pinkston moved up AND is district leader. He's a stud, he deserved it. I am here in Bonao, with a kind of lazy comp, but he's a good guy I guess. Doesn't talk much.. It may be a long transfer. I know my dad Elder Walker had problems with him last transfer, as well as elder fuller.. But I honestly don't see us having too many problems. I'm just gonna love him and correct him with respect.. because he's finishing in 2 transfers...

I'm afraid I'm gonna kill another comp. It would be hard.. I don't want to do it. Especially with one that's not going to work.. but I may just be doing it. I want to resurrect this area.. but I don´t know if it´s gonna be possible. Some advice for difficult comps would be awesome.. cuz I have lucked out with comps so far. They´ve all worked well, but I may have problems with this one.

But, after these two transfers I think It´s a sure thing I´ll move up. I don´t know why I wouldn´t. Heck maybe even after this transfer. But, I really would like to, I feel ready and I work. But moving up isn´t everything on the mission. I´ll wait patiently my turn.. ha

momma.. I feel like my spanish is good.. And you´ll definitely find out at christmas when I can´t speak english. I´ll try and speak some with matt and mike, if they can remember well I can speak well with them. Ha it´ll be way fun skyping.

As far as this last transfer goes.. I gotta say, I had the most peace in my whole mission with fleurima. He was such a good kid. Gosh, I will miss him. We saw a lot of miracles. Like, just this last week we were in a lesson with Jorge, and he asked us what the golden plates looked like. We thought it was a weird question, because it was WAY out of the theme of the lesson. We answered him anyway, and he seemed please and smiled and sort of nodded. Then he told us that he has cataracts in his eyes, and normally when he reads he gets teared up and can´t do it. But, when he reads the book of mormon the letters transform big and gold, like the golden plates. I don´t know if it´s a vision or what.. but he understands and was able to tell us everything that happened in 1 nephi. It was such an incredible experience.. something that I´m not going to tell a lot of people because it´s sacred. If he wouldn´t have told me himself I wouldn´t have believed it. That whole experience with Jorge was a miracle. He called us over when he was drunk in the street. I told my comp after, sort of joking, that he would be branch president.... Maybe I´m not wrong. ha

Anyway, that was a really neat experience. I will miss my hatian comp. I have kind of a prideful dominican now.. But I´ll make it. I have to have something to look forward to, and for now it´s a year.. it comes right after this transfer. Oh, and general conference! :)

But, as far as the letter this next week, some advice for how to get along well would be appreciated. Maybe this is my test in the mission. It's gonna be a lot of fasting and prayer.

Oh, and as far as cameron, I can tell you that he is not loving the MTC. It's a little bit rigid for him. But he has a great comp and district, and he can't wait for the field. JUST like me. No worries, he'll make it. If I have to drag him through his MTC experience with fancy wordery I'll do it, he'll be fine, he just needs to make it to the field. It's there where the REAL mission begins.

I love you two. I am a little down this transfer, but the package did help. I just feel a little.. alone. I'll be good. I just need to forget myself again and go to work.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

-elder c. rufus sweeney

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