Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling a bit homesick

Wow that was a rightfully long letter. I enjoyed it. Haha reading english is strange but it's a great change. I realized today just how much I've forgotten the regular communication skills of english over these last few weeks. I haven't used english at all with my comp unless I talk to other elders in English, which isn't too often because my whole district is native. I love it, but I like my english too.

I say I love it.. That's because I've learned a ton and almost mastered spanish. But don't get me wrong, it's been rough. It was really uncomfortable for me at first having to explain and express myself when my comp and I weren't getting along perfectly. I remember praying.. "please make all the hard work that I've put into spanish translate into success." The other night I prayed in that way, and I got a very specific, very powerful feeling of peace. Since then I've realized that I have not been nervous to speak nor had troubles expressing myself. Amazing what a comfort the Lord's spirit is.

And momma.. I never got a hold of cameron. I felt impressed to talk to him. He needs that boost for is mission. I never got a hold of talley either.. But it's good that she's getting around to writing me. I didn't lose the spirit because I made those calls either, it's still been in our lessons and we've had some fantastic ones since then too.

I am happy still. I feel comfortable with where I am, people recognize me finally, and I have really grown to love this place equally to fantino.

The other day there was a TON of rain. It was really intense, and in the city next to ours (part of our district) there were some members' houses that flooded. We went and helped them out. Some of the houses had flooding 3 feet up the walls. Really sad. It made me think a lot. I imagined myself living it that all the time. All my life. We really are blessed to be from the U.S.A. Don't get me wrong, there are many that live well here, but even the best of lives here are not equal to that of the states. I couldn't live as a rich man here with all the poverty.. It would make me sick. It already makes me sick.

I am making chicken tacos tonight. I thought about how much I missed mexican food the other day so I'm gonna take a show in making it. I bought all the stuff at the grocery store and now I'm gonna blow my comp's mind with flavor. Really it's not too hard to impress a dominican with food. The food here is really not good.. they've been raised with Yuca, beans and rice so that is the best of the best for them, but it's really not great... Their idea of seasoning is MSG. Really bad.. So mexican food is amazing to them if they can stand the heat.

For the 4th of july, which isn't too far away, i've already decided I'm buying a tiny grill, briquettes and grilling hotdogs and hamburgers. I hope I get an american next transfer.. Oh, transfers are next week. It's mind blowing how fast it's gone. Wow. I love my comp, so I'll be happy either way if we stay together or not. He's leaving the mission in 7 weeks, the transfer after this. He's reeeeeaaallly old and likes to remind me of it.

I still love the work. We still have a couple of baptisms coming up this next week. We'll see how many go through, but we should have 2-3. That's amazingly good for this area, all this considered. We're hoping and praying (very much literally).

I hope this letter isn't way too short, but I'm short of things to say. I'm happy you are glad to be home. I will be SOOOOOO happy to be home as well. I miss the U.S. of A. I've said it a lot, but only because it's true, we are so blessed. So blessed.

Till next week, not a second wasted in la yaguita... i mean paradise,

-elder sweeney

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