Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Elder Sweeney gets a "Kid" (new missionary to train)

hey mom and pops,

So I've got some news.. Friday I got a call from president. I hadn't talked to him about my comp because remember the process I was going to take, first talk to the comp--then to president if need be.

Well I did talk to my comp. And he's better, much better. Like I would say he made a... 30 degree turn? I'm not gonna say he's a perfectly obedient missionary, but we do leave on time and we are working, he's just continuing with the phone/ipod/movie thing between working. I don't know how he doesn't think that affects the spirit, but apparently he says it doesn't. But, it's been good.

Anyway, about the call. My comp is talking to someone else on the phone and notices that he has an incoming call from president. I was just sitting there, and my comp hands me the phone. "Elder Sweeney," says a voice from the other line, "usted va a entrenar, asi que, usted va a estar en la capilla de villa olga a las 9:00 el martes para una reunion." Translation.. I am going to be a trainer. I went to the reunion yesterday and it was amazing! Such great missionaries there, and great people in general. I loved it.

Let me give you a few thoughts. First, it was the answer to my prayers. I have been praying (and maybe this is a little selfish) to get a son in the mission. It's something that has always fascinated me, because it's the first impression and the most important companion in the mission. At least, it was for me. Remember I always wrote home about how my trainer was such an example for me of what a missionary should be. It's honestly a pleasure to be picked for it, and I've been preparing mentally and spiritually for this since I got the call. I have written out a ton of ideas of what to study and what to teach him.

I'm thinking he's going to be americans, but we're not sure. I saw the list of people coming in and there's only 1 dominican and 2 mexicans, the rest are americans (the majority from utah, unfortunately). I am so pumped. I didn't really sleep the night of the call but those were nerves. Now the nervousness has turned into excitement. What will he be like? How will his spanish be? Will he be humble? Prideful? loving? Just what exactly am I getting myself into? Do I realize how hard this will be and how much spanish I'm going to have to use? Am I good enough for this? I hope so..

One interesting the that president is doing now with trainers is letting them decide if they want to do it or not. he's making everyone who was called to train call him friday at night when we get back to the house to make sure we accept it. It's something untypical, but sort of a foreshadowing of how heavy this responsibility is. I've asked for advice from some trainers, my dad included, and they've all told me that patience is the key. I still don't completely understand it, but I suppose I will.

I am wanting to be super obedient to show my son my example, so it will only be one hour of internet for me. I may not write you guys a whole ton, or I may take the route of printing out all the letters so I don't have to use my internet time on reading.

And.. Well that's the big news. I feel really good. I will not kill Elder Medina, but I'm pretty sure that he's going back to zone leader. Here's the thing.. When he was up there, he DIDN'T do the things he does with me. He knew what he had to do and he was changed because of it. He wanted the rest of his mission to be cruise control, more than cruise control.. a vacation. But I hope he does go up again. It will help him not to die completely. We are getting along pretty well, but I've had to give and so has he, or.. In other words, he had to give something to be more obedient and I had to sort of ignore the movies and crap.. That president apparently knows he's doing anyway (according to my comp).

I'm glad to see my sooners are on a role!!! Keep me posted. I've always disliked the FSU fans but I have a bitter hatred for that one.

Melinda wrote me and apparently sent me a package too about a week ago. We'll see if that package gets here this saturday, but I'm doubting it. Probably the next right after. Don't worry, I'll share with my kid.

I love you two. Be good and safe, and I'll be hee praying for Matt's job situation to improve. I do worry about you guys even though I'm pretty far away.

One year to go. These next two transfers are going to fly by with a kid, then I'll be at a year and three, with only a pregnancy left. Almost there..

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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