Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rain.....and more rain

Wow! what an insane letter. I feel so terrible for those who are in joplin. Looks like that town will become a stroud type of city, with nothing there except for the skeleton of what used to be a growing town. So sad.

But I loved the update. It makes me happy that Mike still gets a sick thrill like I do from bad weather. It's been pretty treacherous here too. We've been battling the heat in the early afternoon and rain in the later afternoon.. day, after day, after day. It's been a little discouraging but we plug away. I don't use an umbrella because my comp doesn't use one and it makes us look like testigos.. Maybe it means more blessings? I don't know if the lord likes stupidity..

We had a flood here the other day. It rained cats and dogs for about 45 minutes, and this after a few days of constant, steady light rain. I am constantly soaked to the bone, and at night it feels like I'm sleeping underwater because it's just so stinking humid. My bed is damp, my clothes are a little damp, and there's nothing I can do about it because the windows are just flaps that open and shut.. not effective for repeling humidity. They say it's just that time of year (may), but my goodness.. Get here sooner june. I'll take heat over humidity. (I have to be careful what I wish for)

Transfers just happened. Nothing changed here. That's bad.. My comp wanted to be transfered to a ward so bad. And he's dying this transfer.. I'm gonna kill him. I just have to make sure he doesn't die before he goes home. He's really not happy.. He called president to try and change transfers, pres. of course dropped him a few heavy words and kept his here. I love the guy, but he's gotta learn to be happy wherever he is.

I feel like sometimes my mouth just does not want to speak any languages. Even english is uncomfortable. Today is one of those days. Luckily it's a P-day, and we're not teaching near as many people as we would on a regular day.

As far as that baptismal candidate goes, he's so strong still. He's just ideal, and because my comp sent that story into the mission newspaper now president Lee wants to meet him. He's awesome, seriously a future stake president. He just doesn't know it yet. We're making him go to church one more time this Sunday before he get's baptized because he missed last week due to being sick. It's all good. We'll get him in the water this next saturday.

I was thinking about it the other day.. Depending on where in the world I am, I would like to skype with you this christmas. It's allowed and encouraged because it doesn't cost anything. I want to talk to you guys that way. Especially if the family is there. What do you think?

And momma, I'm healthy, strong and happy still. I am eating well, I got a package from melinda and mark the other day which was AWESOME! It had beef jerky and dried fruit. Wow. Neither of those exist here. How did they know? Pure inspiration.. haha or maybe I told them. Still amazing.

I have watched just a teeny bit of the playoffs, but that was memphis and OKC, so that's old news, but I LOVED it. I had forgotten what watching sports was like. My gosh that's something I miss.

So I must say, the weirdest things happen in the mission. Mom, I know that as a nurse nothing grosses you out, so here goes a good story. We were in la sirena (their version of walmart more or less), and we ate at the food area there. There wasn't a single open table so we had to sit at a table with an old man. He asked who we were, what we did, normal stuff, and we noticed he had a catheter or tube like thing that extended from a bag to under the table where it disappeared. I thought it was to his leg.. maybe stomach, I didn't know, but after talking for a bit he stood up and we discovered where it led. It led into his open zipper. He pointed to hit shirt which had a few wet spots on it, shrugged, and walked away. We can safely assume that that wasn't water on his shirt. I couldn't control my laughter when he walked away even though it was a little sad.. It was so casual the way he just pointed at his "problem area" and just walked away.

Elder Carpenter is in my zone again! ha that should be fun. Also, Elder Jenson from my entering group. This will be a really fun transfer.

I love you two. I think about you and worry about you too. Especially because of those tornadoes, that was internation news. People here were telling me about it, but you can't trust everything that's said. I heard one person say there were 500 people dead.. not quite, but that's still really devastating.

Be good, safe and keep up the good work dad. I can't wait to see the sweet new office.. which will not be new at all when I get there but it'll feel that way. Hope you're taking advantage of that deck view up top. I'll see you shortly, in just over a year,

'-Elder Sweeney

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