Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Ameoba time

HOLY COW! THE MAVS WON??!!! Ok that's completely incredible and shouldn't have happened. Awesome! I am so happy. I am in disbelief right now.

Ok.. Wow I've gotta put that in the back of the mind.. Now, for my update.

I didn't work too much this week because I was sick with what you had the majority of it. I had diarreah until Friday, and thursday I went to the hospital to see a doctor recommended by hermana Lee (pres's wife). I waited for about 1 1/2 without seeing anyone, and finally when I saw the doctor he felt my stomach and wrote a few pills on a piece of paper, told me to go get tests done, then charged me 1000 pesos. I pooped in a cup and swabbed my rectum (it was a fun day...), then we went to the mission home to rest, took a nap in an air conditioned room (that makes ALL the difference), then went home. I am taking an antibiotic still, and monday we went back to the doctor for results. It turns out I have an amoeba, which I'm still not sure what that means. But, after the diarreah I was waiting and waiting until I passed anything, solid, liquid, whatever to see if I could go work again. We waited about a day and a half, and in that time I developed a nasty cold. One of those where every time you turn over you feel your sinuses drain to that side of your head. Anyway, so we went back to the mission home, got medicine for that, and I am FINALLY, after about a week, feeling normal again. I played softball today and everything. Also, had mcdonalds :)

They told me NOT to eat in the street, so we cancelled our usual comedor that we eat at for lunch every day, which was fine because I'm getting REALLY tired of rice every day. My stomach shrunk a ton too. But no worries, I feel good and now I'm going to stop being stupid and eating food from people other than MY OWN HANDS. I wasn't too cautious before, but I've been sick enough in this country.

Anyway, it's WAY hot here. It turns out there are 2 season in the DR, caliente and infierno (you can google translate that). It's like an oven here. I get so drained so fast as far as energy here. But, the good news is they're saying that the rainy season is just about done. So, hopefully the humidity will pass. Oh, more good news, our inverter (batteries) stopped working again, so needless to say sunday night I did not sleep. I slept a good 4 hours, but that was it.

But, we'll get that fixed. I knew I had to have a bad week in there somewhere, I had been on an amazing streak of luck, and the mission isn't supposed to be that easy. My companion did an awesome job taking care of me. He really did cater to me, cooked for me, prepared my medicine, looked out for me, asked me how I was feeling every 30 minutes or so. He says he wanted to "practice for his wife", I told him that's fine but after I'm well I won't be giving him the same benefits his wife will give him..

I am happy and I can actually say healthy this week too. I look forward to next week when I can actually tell you two stories, but I didn't do much so that's tricky. I have a picture though :) it's the baptism of Uvaldo. The miarriage should still work out, but I'm going to make it very clear that we are the LAST resort, they have to put forth the sacrifice themselves, then if they're lacking a few hundred pesos we can step in and help.

Welp, I am almost 20, and almost 9 months out, and those are both significant. I feel good. Time is really moving now, it's really hard to believe. I have to really put the pedal to the metal this next week to make up for the time I lost this week.

Till next week, not a SECOND wasted,

-Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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