Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy Car Crash

WHOOOOOAAAA Ada high golf finally living up to the hipe. That's really good to see. Looking at the scores it's really neat to see. After Wyatt, there isn't really one person who is considerably better than anyone else. When one player is down that day, the other one helps out. THAT is the way a golf team is supposed to be. I love to see it, that's really neat.

Well your Easter sounded great! Mine was.. exactly like any other day. I must say, I think we worked harder those days just to forget about what was happening back at home. It was a tough week though. It's called Semana Santa, or the holy week, where the people celebrate the virgin mary by losing theirs. Seriously, it's crazy how the holy week has completely and totally lost it's meaning. Everyone drinks that week. Even some of the members have troubles with it. But, it's all over now. It's all over. And the weeks was actually relatively successful.

We now have a young man with a baptismal date, we had an investigator attend church for the first time EVER, and we have a really promising couple that's finally preparing for marriage. While we could have lolligagged, lounged around and done little, we chose to work. And, the lord blessed us for our efforts.

It's crazy how efficient my companion is. He kicks butt. We have had out ups and downs, but seriously it's been so good with him. He's been teaching me to cook some dominican specialties, like chocolate and rice. It's not too bad, but I still enjoy my good ole american spaghetti and hamburgers..

I am picking up lots of spanish from my comp, which is helping my confidence in general. I got a couple compliments yesterday after a great talk with my comp on monday. Really I wasn't talking as much as I needed to. My reasoning was it was just.. well easier. I figured I could listen my way into fluency in spanish.. nope. That is important, but you have to SPEAK as well. A lot. He told me, listen, if you talk the people will open up to you, and both you AND them will be more comfortable, which opens the door for the Spirit to be able to work. It's true. Just a simple casual conversation with someone is so important before starting a lesson.

I love my companion. I think in the mission there is always something you can learn from your comps, and once you've learned that you are transferred. So, if you don't get along with your comp, you need to learn something from him FAST or you're stuck with him for another transfer.

Let's see.. I need to answer some questions from momma. I haven't gotten the packages. However, I did get the letter from madison byers. That was really unexpected but a pleasant surprise. I've already written her back as well as a lot of people that I've been meaning to write for a while.

I still need to know exactly what's going to happen for Mother's day. I figure you can call the cell phone we have and then I can go to the chapel and you can call me there so that we can talk on a land line. That works out SO much better. I don't want my comp to be bored, he's gonna be calling on a different day than us, so I'll buy him a coloring book or something. ;) Our number for our cell phone is 809-723-7067. We'll talk way more about that next week though.

A couple interesting stories. It's true what Nathan Keesling, my friend from BYU said, the craziest stuff happens to you on the mission. For example, my comp and I were visiting a family. The house had a dirt floor, no sink, one of those VERY campesino houses. Anyway we were just talking casually when a CAR CRASHED THROUGH THE FREAKING HOUSE BEHIND ME! Yes, fortunately I'm fine, but it scared the living daylights out of me. The father of the house cussed and screamed and told the man he didn't know how to drive, and I looked at my companion, he looks at me, I ask him "is that normal?" He just sort of shrugged, nodded and put his head down.

Also, the other day we were visiting a member family. The little girl that lives there was sick with diarrheah, the poor thing, so my companion gave her a pill. It must have tasted terrible because so spit it out and started crying, kicking and wailing. But, it somehow went down. Not for long though. About 10 seconds later she throws up the pill and her lunch, and SIMULTANEOUSLY poops. The lady who was holding her was overpowered by the smell and took the girl inside (not sure if she threw up too?), but after they were gone their little chihuahua had a feast. It was disgusting but my comp and I laughed for a solid 10 minutes.

(don't worry momma, the little girl is fine)

I love the work still. I am still motivated every day and ready to serve. I have what's called the "greeney animo" still, that energy that you have when you start. Some lose it faster than others, I plan on keeping it for the whole mission.

I'll let you know when I get those packages. I love you guys. We'll see you in just over a year and 5 months!

Till next week, not a second wasted

-Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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