Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Re: letter 3-14-11

Just kidding about the videos. I'll have to show them to you when I get home. So the videos were just of cock fighting and a guy who trained his rooster with different excersizes. That's what I'll start my letter off with I guess. So cock fighting is really popular, especially in Fantino. It sort of shows just how carnal the men are.. but yeah the cocks fight to the death and whoever's cock loses loses their money. It's not just trendy either. There are legitimate stadiums where this happens. It's crazy. And definitely not against the law here. Also, something that is trendy here among the kids is to fight beta fish. It's really cruel. They put these poor fish in bottles together and shake the bottles to get the fish mad. Then the fish fight to the death...

yeah even the kids are really carnal. it's a sad story.

There's actually a movie that I think you should try and watch called the soga. It's about the DR and it looks and captures really well the life here. Idk anything more than that, oh and aparently it won an award. But.. it's just an option. If you want to look into it you can, if not that's fine too.

So I got the letter from the Drapers today. Such a great letter. It's things like that that get me through the days. I must say, in the mission, as with life, it's really important to have something to look forward to. Whether it's the 6 month mark, general conference or even the next p-day, it's great to have something that reminds you that there is a change in the routine.

Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely love the mission still. I wouldn't trade it for the world. The family of the twins that we're working with is still progressing. They just told us yesterday though that they think their sons need to know more and attend church more to be sure about baptism.. So it may not be me that baptizes them. But, WE found and taught them, so while I'm not counting them on my baptismal list, I will keep in contact with them throughout the mission. I just hope and pray that whoever comes in to replace me next transfer works hard in Fantino. There's a standard here now. This place is amazingly prepared, you just have to work.

Also, about the packages. Yes, please send them straight to the DR and not to Miami. That doesn't cost me anything and costs you all only a little bit more. Spread the word too. Thanks dad. That will help me not have to spend any of my personal money ever again. I can't get through 3 weeks with 3000 pesos unless all I eat is rice and yuca, a potato like root plant with even less flavor than a potato.

I gotta say, things are going really well with my comp and I. I feel like I'm mellowing him out. He was really hardened by his past comps. They really were awful though. I feel bad for him. But such is the mission. Sometimes you get stuck with the short end of the stick as far as comps go. I've usually noticed, though, that the better missionary you are the better your comps tend to be, especially if you're zone leader.

I am still so stoked for cameron. He seems like he's doing really well. He's working with some gruff people but so did I before the mission. It's just a matter of persevering these next couple months and that's it.. The mission will be here before he knows it. And I'll have 9 months. Man.. time flies. I'm so glad he got called spanish speaking. That means he and I will get to practice a lot with each other.

Elder Carpenter and I had a great experience with an investigator the other day, Martin. He is about 35, owns a humble little shop fixing washing machines, and is sincerely interested in our message. He has attended church twice and is almost ready for baptism. The other day he had a really interesting perspective about why he felt our church was true. He says he gets a warm feeling when he goes to church, when we're in the tienda, and when he is talking to a member of our church. It was a different, warm feeling. He says there were a few people he got that feeling from, and when he attended church learned that those people were members for the first time. He is going to be a strong member of the church. The only thing he is missing in his testimony is to pray to know. Interesting how that's usually the first step people take, but he has taken a lot of steps simply by trusting in us. Now he has to put his trust in the Lord.

It's so powerful when, as a worthy representative of the lord, you can actually promise your investigators things by the spirit. It only requires that you use the holy ghost. I'm also grateful for the power of the priesthood. One thing that happened to the other Elders in Fantino that was really amazing. They had been teaching an investigator lady for a while who was crippled from a car accident. She didn't know if she'd walk again. She asked for a priesthood blessing from Elder Kinney, the district leader in Fantino and Elder Verzello, a zone leader (it was an intercambio). The next week they were waiting to start a lesson and talking with the mom and the Ingrid, the crippled young woman, walked out with her walker to greet them. She hadn't walked for 4 months. She had barely moved in her bed for 4 months. That was a really powerful experience for them. One among a long list of them that occur in Fantino. This place is zion, I swear.

I don't think I have too much to say. I am still doing fine with communication. That's getting better every day. I have started to study the BoM a lot more in Spanish. I figure if I can do that I can pretty well get spanish and work on my spiritual side as well. My new goal is to finish it by the next transfer.. wish me luck. :)

I love the work. I am so grateful for my companion and for the experiences I've had. I love your letters (especially mom's, they crack me up) I will not be distracted by women dad.. haha even though the women here are all really aggressive. They want a visa to the US... and they really like that carrier of the visa to have blue eyes.. It's a dangerous temptation but honestly not one for me. I have seen the result of several americans going home for that foolish reason.. that's reason enough for me not to want to even look at those serpents. And that's what they are.. they all hiss at you.

I'll see you guys in a year and just over 6. I can't wait to show you my home for 2 years. I also can't wait to see home again.. but i have a work to do here.

Till next week, not a second waster,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

p.s. no momma I haven't used the net yet. I will have to use it in monte cristi if I go there or one of the areas up northwest, but here the mosquitos aren't too bad.

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