Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday time in the DR

Now THAT sounds like a sweet reunion. I don't know if I ever told you, but the missionaries used to be able to visit the beaches and stuff, but that was banned about a month ago. They went to play frisbee, football and other stuff but it turned out to be "a big distraction," so my first time at the beach in the DR will be with you guys.. nice.

Time is going SOOOOOO SLOOOOOOW this week. My comp still works.. a little. But it's really hard. He's turned really prideful about his time and holds it over my head all the time, and loves to rub in the fact that he will be home and in a week and tells me all the things he's gonna do. That was good to know like.. the first time he told me. The next 12532 times was a little frustrating, and made me super trunky. But I just have to endure ONE MORE WEEK. That's it. Transfers are this coming week. We'll see what happens.

One interesting thing from my comp was me going up and moving over to the neighboring city with the comp of the other missionary in my district who's going home. That would close this area.. Which wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.. we have so little here. Actually next to nothing. It's tough. But if I do stay I am resolving to just absolutely take this city over. Knock on EVERY door. Ask EVERY member for a reference. Just go absolutely nuts. That's the plan if I stay. If not I'll need to learn a new area. Which.. Would be pretty welcome as well. So I'm not too upset really.

The baptism we had is still really strong. We're teaching his wife now. She's accepting everything and should be baptised soon enough.

No need to worry, I am taking care of my health. I got a letter from grandma and grandpa scott which was awesome. it was a birthday card. It's great to know that people really do care about me.

Actually I can say that a lot of elders do, my district got me cake. My district leader elder nelson is a good man (sort of a gossiper, but he's from utah so that's sort of excusable, right?). I had a good birthday. A member cooked me spaghetti and made me cake. I'm getting pretty close with the members here. They're really cool. It's hard to understand a few, but they're all sort of like family in a way. I've started teaching a member the guitar, 10 minutes a day, then we teach his neighbor.

The mission really does go faster when one is working. I can testify of that. But, I must say, these 2 years do feel a bit endless right now. But, the less I think about the time after, the less I think about the time I have up until then, so that makes it seem much more bearable.

I have thought a little about my talk when I get home. I am going to steal a theme from an elder who's going home that I've talked to a lot. Don't ask me what it is, you'll have to find out in a year and a little, but it's a very important lesson.

I have grown up a ton on the mission. I don't know if I myself have realized it, but occasionally I reflect and review, and it really occurs to me just how different I am. Of course, I am the same me, Christopher Rufus Sweeney, the one whom you left at the terminal in Oklahoma City Airport, but in a way I'm very very different. It's as if the things that weighed me down before the mission, the things that always bothered me, the doubts, the worries, the questions, have sort of resolved themselves and I feel sort of liberated, or in better terms I've found me equilibrium.

I can't wait to share the gospel with those who I feared to share it with before.

That's my philosophy for the week.

I am way excited for that next family reunion. It'll seriously be really awesome. And right after.. cameron gets home.

I'm so pumped for him and his mission. And for Rachel too. And tell Talley I say hi. I miss those three a lot.

But, especially you two.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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