Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What a great letter. Welp, first I'll answer your questions and such. Then I'll tell you about the madness of this week.

Ok, first off, the package has NOT come yet. I have no idea what broke down or who's not doing their job in Miami, but it still hasn't arrived. And, about the new office people, Elder and Hermana Fuller are great, but she's from guatemala and doesn't know english perfectly. Yes, the box IS sick. Aparently they had to ship it to the nearest hospital in Miami so that it could rest for a few months.

Nah, but I called and talked to her for the first time ever the other day, and she's super stressed right now about her responsibilities. It's intense all that she has to do.

Anyway, I know about transfers already. Well.. at least one part of transfers. There's a story to go along with it, and I'll tell you about that. We had an intercambio with a zone leader.. I mean exchange, sorry. Elder Fuller, the zone leader, had been called to train and I knew that, so he'll die as such. But, as a zone leader, when you are called to train you inevitably white wash an area.. you probably already know where I'm going with this. They're white washing La yaguita..

It's good in some ways. For instance, and I have to be honest, after 3 transfers of climbing little mountains (i'll show you guys in a year), my legs and body in general need a break. I hurt sometimes when I get back to the house in unnatural ways. We worked so hard this transfer and my comp and I sleep so well at night, but a lot of times sleep just isn't enough. It's spiritual and physical fatigue, not just mental. Also, we get like a week to wash, pack and say goodbye. But, those are really the only good parts..

The negative part is that the couple that was going to be married this week will have the money in this next coming week.. the week of transfers.. I will not be baptising Juan Carlos nor his wife, but the work I put into that will be the Elder Fuller's kid's little treat.

Also, jorge, the drunk man that called us in the street, has a baptismal date.

And another guy called us in the street. That was with Elder Fuller. Ha absolutely crazy how much this area has changed.

Anyway, that's the news of the week. Also, I taught in english for the first time on my mission. There's a young man from boston here who's Dominican by blood but doesn't know much spanish. He's a good kid. What was interesting was.. I felt the spirit stronger than I ever have in my mission in english. There is a big difference in the languages. You can say things a lot more concisely and more meaningfully in English. I think that's why the restoration was through Joseph Smith in English. The scriptures are so much more powerful... And I'm not saying that because it's my first language, but as someone who has had to use spanish and only spanish for 4 1/2 months, so knows the 2 pretty well. English is better..

Well I actually love hearing about what you guys eat. All the fruit. A lot of it doesn't exist here. But they do have decent stuff in La Sirena, and some stuff doesn't exist in the states. Have you had Zapote? or Limoncillo? we'll have both when you get here. They're both pretty good.

I have been emailing cameron, but not a whole lot because of that stupid MTC timer. It's so ridiculous how little time they give you. Honestly, even for absolutely obedient elders, 30 minutes is just so few.

Hmmmm... what else. Well right now I'm just contemplating where I'll be, who I'll be with, my new responsibilities, and all that.. I wonder if I'll stay in the city of Santiago, have a ward instead of a branch (that would be SO welcome), be near the beach, have a good comp.. etc. I have gotten truly lucky with my comps so far. Elder Fleurima is a really good kid. He is just that sometimes though.. sort of like a little kid. Ha easily distracted and when he gets tired he gets cranky and obstinate, a little stubborn and complains a lot. But, he seriously is my favorite comp up till now. He really gets it. I'm sad about having to leave him to be completely honest.

I think that's it. I love you two. And I'm a little jealous of Matt, seems like he lives in the most interesting parts of the earth. Next he'll live in the Vatican? lord knows. ha I didn't intend that to be so literal.

Oh and as far as girls.. I'm doing ok with writing. I'm actually writing the niece of Jorge Solorzano, she's pretty. I've been writing her in Spanish. And I'm still writing Melisa, the sister of the sister missionary. It's going really well actually. Both of them. I feel like I've got a few options, but it would be nice to get some referrals. Haha I have to quote you because it made me laugh so hard. "We could probably get some "referrals" from Amanda Jackson and from Elena if you want. " Yes PLEASE. :)

No, but really.. if you could that would be great.

Well, this week I say good bye to La Yaguita. I'll let you know where I go, send you a few pictures of this area and the people and my comp, and give you all the details next week of what happened. But, till that time, not a second wasted,

-Elder Sweeney

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