Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Huelga, Huelga....everybody huelga

Ok, first things first, the rule about internet hasn't changed or anything, but they are beginning to crack down on it. They say if you use it more than an hour then you have to give up your privileges for a transfer. It's really intense.. and it takes me 20 minutes to read your letter sometimes (I like to read every detail), so writing you a good detailed letter may be a little harder now. I'm not sure why it's such a huge deal.. Actually yes I do. Its the missionaries that are using more time for visiting other websites.. but I'm not doing that. I'm using the one that's unrestricted.. Anyway my letters may or may not be a little shorted. I need to write you two and cameron, and that's it this week.

I got a letter from grandma and grandpa, it was the HHS newsletter! I loved it! haha i had almost forgotten about that.

And about the trip.. I haven't given it a whole lot of thought, just because of the risk of taking my mind.. veeeery far from the work.. haha VERY far, but I'll give it a bit of thought tonight. Every time I think about my time, I never feel like I have a lot. There are a bunch of americans coming in at the end of this transfer, so at LAST I won't feel like the youngest. Who knows, maybe I'll even train..?? :)

Seriously though, that is one of my goals in the mission, to be able to train. They call it being a dad here, and I think it's a universal term, but it's usually reserved for the best of missionaries. Am I up to that level yet? I don't know. But I am working really hard here. I am, as you say, kicking butt.

We have a baptism for the 23rd assured, and another one the 30th (that's not so sure), and another that should happen this transfer. I'm not entirely sure. But, I feel good. Like really good. I feel a bit like senior comp already, my comp is super humble and sort of just lets me take control because that's just more comfortable for me. He told me he hopes to be my comp for 2 transfers, and I'd love to be, he's really awesome. I am learning creol, mwen ap aprenn creol. haha it's a surprisingly simple language, only 3 tenses, past present and future. My comp says I should be speaking it in 6 weeks. I hope to bear at least part of my testimony in creol when I get back.

We are working like mad men here. But, monday we had to take the day off. There was what was called a huelga here, on in other words a strike.. but more violent. Like a protest. Anyway the people burn tires and attack the police. They do so because they're unhappy with what they're paid.. or the prices of things are rising.. what have you, but usually that are confined to a city. This was a huelga nacional, the whole country participated. Nothing really happened in our city of la yaguita, but a few areas here in the mission had people being shot right and left, and these huelgas can happen without notice. So, we had to stay in monday..

But, that said, we have been really pushing ourselves here. It's been a while since my legs have really hurt me in the mission, and they were yelling at me friday.. But the time went super fast this week. SUPER fast.

I bought a pricemart card today. today was our day to go. It was a good choice, now I can buy whatever there. It costed a little bit, but it was my birthday present to myself. I bought it with a missionary friend so it costed less, about 13 dollars, totally worth it. Anyway, I bought myself a giant bag of chocolate corn flakes (its like america in my mouth), and I realized just how much I miss dry cereal. It tastes amazing.

I am going to wrap this up, I want to write cameron a really good letter before he goes on his mission. He needs to know what to expect, and hear it from someone who is actually on the mission.

I love you too. I still haven't gotten that package, but I'm not worried. the mail in this country is terrible. And yeah, I got to see the videos and everything.. man I miss you guys a whole lot. :.) ha ok I didn't cry but I really am looking forward to seeing you in just over a year. THAT'S NOT TOO MUCH TIME AT ALL!

I'll be sure and wear may sunscreen, I've been good about putting it on most days but I'll be extra diligent now.

till next week, you already know,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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