Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Birthday and a Lost Wallet

Wow, you´re right. A third of a pregnancy. That stage when they don´t even start showing yet. Whoa... Soon.

Well, today has been a pretty crappy day. We went to a museum as a district and when we got out we took a ruta (a taxi like car that drives a route) in which my wallet fell from my back pocket. I didn´t realize it until I got out of the car and arrived at the ATM, tried to take out money, and got a sinking feeling in my stomach. I called Elder Fuller, the office elder in charge of financial stuff, and had him cancel the mission card, then he came and let me use a phone to call and get my personal card cancelled. I let momma know, she should have done it by the time you get this message. So, the only important thing that was lost in the wallet was the driver´s license (how much does that cost to get replaced?) and the wallet itself. I didn´t really have any money in there. So, it wasn´t a huge deal. But now it´s going to be a little bit hard to get a birthday package.. Which I don´t feel too bad about, it´s just now I don´t have the security of a personal card in case of emergencies. That´s the only thing that stresses me out right now.

So, I have a couple questions. First of all, what does that mean for my personal card? I do only lack 3 months, it´s not a huge deal that I have it or I don´t... But, when I get back, how hard will it be to get a new one? Also, the driver´s license.. do I need the old license to get a new one, or will the passport work as identification?

Well, apart from that stress I´ve been fine. I really have felt just awful since losing it, like kinda depressed. I don´t know how it happened. I always put my wallet in my back pocket.. I wasn´t there. I am utterly confused. But, I haven´t given up either. I told the bosses at the ruta´s center that if they got a wallet turned in to call me. They accepted. Still hoping.

Anyway, my thunder.. Wow. That may be the only thing that depresses me more than the wallet situation. I can´t believe they got destroyed so severely...

Well, it´s official. Zack is the best looking male in the family. Shortly followed by brody. I think Matt held that title for a while, but Zack´s cuteness overtook the grizzly beard.

We have been working like horses in this area this past week. It´s been good I suppose. I´ve had a ton of rejection, but it´s not near as bad as some missions, namely Holland, so I can´t complain. We found one man that we´re really hopefull for, keeping our fingers crossed and fasting and praying a ton. Gotta love the work.

So, that´s the big news. Oh, and it´s hot here. Like really hot. I think we rival Oklahoma here, especially with humidity, and we´re out in the sun all the time. This is why young people serve missions I´ve decided.

Well, 21 years old I´ve decided doesn´t mean much if I´m just going to act like a 15 year old and leave my stuff (especially important stuff) everywhere. But, I´m trying, I really am, to be organized. I´ve gotten a lot better on the mission about being neat and clean. You´ll see when I get home. I am especially good in I just have to maintain cleanthliness and not pick up other people´s messes. Ha I´ll have to do that as dad though so I better get used to it.

And yeah, you never answered the question about Scott´s wife. Who is she? ha I want that answered, and the other questions I asked. Don´t forget about those.

Here we go, into the last leg of the mission. New mission pres gets here Friday. I want to take him out, he lives in my district, I want to take him out contacting within a few weeks of his arrival so he can get a good feel of what it´s like here for the average missionary. That´s important.

I love you two. I will see you soon... enough. Still doesn´t seem like it´s going to end. We´ll see in a transfer if I still feel this way. Be good, safe, and not negligent like your son.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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