Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Good Week

Great letter. Thanks for that. Just seeing the mountains cooled me off.. Heat is all in the mind as they say here in this country...

This week has been great actually. Monday we had the interview with the new president. It was really cool what he was saying, his willingness to help and the appreciation he has for his missionaries. He already carries himself like an old mission president. He is very caring and has a super strong desire to get to know his missionaries and know exactly how he can serve us. He is willing to leave with us and eager to do so, and has openly expressed his disgust for doing just administrative and paper work. He wants to work, go out and wear out his shoes.

Also Hermana Douglas has been really great. She is super social and so determined to learn Spanish is unbelievable. In the interview with her she really lit a fire in me. She asked me exactly what I wanted to accomplish for the next 3 months of my mission, what she calls the ¨prime¨ of the mission. She told me to consult the Lord and write down whatever He impressed me to do. That was truly what I needed. I´ve got a specific vision of what I want to do. Both hermana Douglas and President Douglas are inspired leaders.

Today my comp and I woke up, headed outside to find a few ripe mango, with which we made an great mango smoothie. I love this country. Literally the trees are FULL right now with mangos an avacados. They are both so good here. Anyway, I took pictures of the whole spectacle, from start to finish, and I´ll be sending you pics of that.. maybe not this week but for sure the next.

After this we´ll be headed to Hato Mayor, an area in my zone, to make burritos. A mexican missionary knows how to make them really well, so a group of like 10 missionaries are going over there, Elder Pinkston is coming up from Bonao, and I think Elder Wilkinson may be able to as well, but that´s a little less sure. It should be awesome.

Then at 3:30 we´re going over the a bowling alley for a zone activity. I told President Douglas about it yesterday and he approved, in fact he said he may just pass by and join us. He is so very different than President Lee.

As for this week, transfers are coming up next Wednesday. I honestly am not expecting a change as far as our companionship goes, but that´s fine with me. Elder Castro and I have actually become pretty good friends. I´d be ok with one more with him.

Let´s see.. I think that´s it as far as the mission goes. A lot of changes and exciting things happening here. The seasons are changing, and I´m about finished. Just 2 more transfers. One time training. End. That gives me so much motivation. I will not coast, this is the prime of my mission. I can´t coast, the Lord expects so much more than that.

That´s all I have for this week. I love you two. I can´t wait to see you. 3 months.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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