Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still Plugging Away....

That was a great letter. Wow. I am not trunky.. Ok I�m just a tad trunky. But it�s still not affecting my work. I don�t think about home all that much, but it�s really tempting with all the news and movies and events and friends and changes--in fact, I think it�s almost downright impossible not to think about home some. It helps to have a Latin comp. He doesn�t really know too much about American culture so he doesn�t let me get too trunky, just because he doesn�t know about it. But, just in my own time I�ve thought about it.�

About the card, I�m gonna check to see if I can call if it comes during the week sometime. Thank you so much for helping me out. I really was stressed about it (and still am a tad) but it�s all good. I feel like I can rest easy knowing that it�s on the way. Salvation is on the way. It turns out that with the support money they give us I was about 1200 pesos short, of like 35 dollars. It doesn�t sound like much, but that is a HUGE deal when you are barely scraping by as it is. What�s really strange is that Elder Fuller, the missionary in charge of finances, hasn�t a clue about where my money is. It�s tough with him, because if money is lost, it�s almost always lost for good. He has about a year in his position (he�s a senior missionary) and he still doesn�t really know what�s going on.

Anyway, enough complaining, something cool about here in Los Jardines is that one of the members, hermano vicente, is on now. Here�s the link

Good stuff...

Well here in the area we�re doing well. Still plugging away, trying to find that great, golden family that�s so sought after. We�ve found a couple prospects, but we keep looking just in case. haha

It�s really hot here. I�ve had a bit of diarreah for the last day or so, but I haven�t felt too bad so I�ve kept working. I probably just ate something weird.. Wait, all I eat are weird things compared to the states, so it shouldn�t be too much of a surprise that I have diarreah.

Oh, I have to tell you about the meeting on Saturday. I was able to see Elder Wilkinson, which was an awesome surprise. He�s with Elder Kimball, which is also cool. We ate burgers from the grill with everything you can imagine and talked about Bonao, being ZLs and just life in general. One of the things we talked about as well was news from the states, which I can�t believe you didn�t tell me about. The Colorado movie theater shooting is HUGE news here. Everyone is talking about it. It�s so intense. I got a bit worried about it because Matt lives in Denver, but I trust you didn�t mention it because Matt definitely WASN�T there at the theater, right?

Well, I have to wrap this up. I�m really tired, I need to sleep. It doesn�t surprise me too much about d.

I love you two, I can�t wait to see you in a couple months. Ha that�s so short. Wow, so short.�

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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