Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Pictures.....:-(

Well, this week has been a great week. I´ll just start with something disappointing, I forgot my camera again.... I feel terrible, but I went to get a rash checked out with the mission doctor and on the way home we used internet.. So I didn´t get a chance to grab the camera. Shoot.. I feel way bad.

But momma, I would LOVE to teach seminary there a few times! Let me at those kids, I´ve been reading the new testament a lot lately and I think I actually may learn a lot myself if I teach seminary. I think the teacher learns more than anyone else as far as seminary goes.. Actually as far as most things go.

I talked to the doctor today about my future career. I had no idea the medical field was so vast. It has a whole branch that doesn´t even deal with people directly on a day to day basis. That´s definitely the branch I don´t want. I want to work as an opthomologist or an anesthesiologist. I´m not sure I spelled either of those right.. But I´m liking them both after talking to the doctor today.

It turns out that the rash I had was jock itch, or athlete´s foot but on my privates. It´s been so stinking humid here it´s not a shock to me. I think I may actually enjoy the dry heat in Oklahoma just because.. It´s dry. I don´t know if it will even feel as hot to me. Is there a breeze? If there´s at least that I´m ok.

That´s cool news about the Gowen girl! It´ll be cool having her in the branch for a time. I´ll be sure and take her out and be social with her with people that are good influences.. Wow. that´s not very many people in Ada. It´ll be neat to golf with her too though.

Well, not too much to tell you about. It´s just.. the middle of the transfer, normal challenges, normal events, I´ve had a week full of exchanges this week. Yesterday there was one with the assistents and Monday we had one with a DL, then tomorrow I have one with Elder Seastrand, a good friend of mine in the mission. It´s actually kinda weird.. When we first met, we both looked familiar to the other. I asked him if I knew him, he told me he didn´t know and said I looked way familiar too. It turns out Taylor Johnson, my freshman year roommate from BYU was his best friend, and he was in my apartment at Wyview quite a bit. Now we´re good friends from the mission.. It´s weird, but it´s pretty cool how it worked out.

Other than that, not too much news. I still feel like 2 months is pretty far away, but we´re then again I thought 4 months was forever, and 2 months went by lightening fast, and that´s all the time I have left.

Well, I´ll see you shortly. I love you two. I miss you. I´ve dreamed about you quite a bit..
Just being with my family again. It´s God reminding you how much I really need you two.

Till next week, always thrusting in the sickle, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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