Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Birthday for the USA and Changes in the Mission

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! And the U. S. of A. Wow. This day totally snuck up on me. I was thinking it was the 2nd or 3rd. I ate a hot dog and frech fries in Pricemart today. It was great.

Well, I appreciate you taking care of my card. I feel bad you had to do it, but I didn't know the process was so simple to get it back, that's good news. The best way for you to send it is straight here, it goes through the mission pouch that way, so that's better than the regular mail I think.

I am super tired, but it was a good week. I feel like that's mainly what I send you about now, about my fatigue, but honestly it's the biggest thing I'm fighting right now. Apart from the fact that I'm older in the mission, my comp is like the freaking energizer bunny, he needs barely any sleep and he's just fine. I don't understand it. He's like Cameron in a way. So, we keep getting back late from our last appointment, for whatever reason (sometimes it's a person that talks a lot, sometimes it's because it starts late), then we have a 15 minute walk home. So, we get home at almost 10, haven't eaten dinner, so we buy a little something at a little market here called a colmado, where we eat like a piece of bread and some cheese or a little cake, then we go home, plan, and by the time I'm showered and done with the prayer it's like 11:30- 12, which is just horrible.. I can't keep doing that and survive the next 3 months. I'm going to wear myself out too much. So we've put the goal to get back ON TIME! I've tried to make that reeeeally clear with my comp. We'll see what happens.. It's even starting to wear down on him though, he's starting to yawn a bit more lately..

Well, not too much happening here. We had a family home evening with a great couple that we're teaching. She's from Spain and he's from here. The story with them was that she stopped us in the street and told us that she had met a new friend on facebook that directed her to his profile on She took interest in the church and told him she'd flag down the missionaries when she got the chance. That she did, and then we began teaching her, basically starting from scratch. She was just about atheist before, more or less, because that's what she grew up with in Spain, and her husband wasn't super believing either. Through our teachings she has felt her faith grow.. or at least has faith now. That is so cool to know, that because of the spirit and true doctrine she now believes in God. Anyway, Monday in the family home evening they prepared us just a wonderful meal, kind of half spanish half Dominican food, soooo good. I think it was the best food I've had here in this country. Then we shared a great message and felt the spirit super strong. I think they may get baptized.

Welp, I think that's about it on our front as far as investigators goes. We're starting to find some good families now, which is great, a nice reward for a lot of work and determination and fasting. It's been two really tough transfers.

The new mission president is really great. It is so different.. Wow. It's a little strange because President Lee was a little hard to approach, but the new mission president is so warm and caring. Sister Douglad came here without knowing any Spanish, but on Sunday, when they came to our ward, she nobly stood up and bore her testimony. She brought a computer to be able to read so that she could get her point across, but she is so darn determined. It's sweet. It's amazing. He already seems like he knows what's going on. He's either super amazingly inspired and blessed, or a great faker. I'm thinking it's the former.

I am getting so excited to go back to BYU. But.. Not trunky. Not too trunky.. Not.. Ok a little trunky. But it doesn't show.

Be good you two. Enjoy your trip. I'll be home soon.

Love you,

till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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