Saturday, June 23, 2012

Changes Ahead....

Wow... Wow. That is upsetting. The thunder lost. The hope of the
west.. is down 3-1 to the bad guys. It would be great to press them
and win a game in Miami so we could have them on our turf for games 6
and 7. Stranger things have happened... But I just don't want Lebron
to win.

Ok, so not too much new on our front. Yeah, we get a new mission pres
this week. That's just nuts! I will miss president Lee, I really will,
he's treated us so well. He and Hermana Lee have shown us so much
love. I think president Lee probably has 3 times the grey hair he had
when he got here. They do so much for us.

But it's time for them to go. The new mission president aparently got
#1 lawyer of the year. He speaks pretty good spanish from what I've
heard. He and his wife have a charity in India that they are putting
in the hands of someone else while they serve their missions. They
sound like really quality people. I know I'll miss President Lee in
some ways, but it'll be cool having an American mission pres.

We played soccer today for the zone activity. That was cool. None of
us were super good, there were a couple that were pretty good from
Chile, but the majority of us just had fun and puttered around. It was
less soccer and more just chasing the ball around, which was fine
because I needed to just run. I walk waaaaaay too much.

I have a question, Scott is married??? I had no clue. When did this
happen? Who is marlina? (is that her name?) Is she nice? From Ada?
That took me by surprise, sorry. I don't wanna ask any clown
questions, bro.

Hey, I turn 21 Sunday. Weird. That means Joy is 26. That I think is
even weirder. I'm getting old.. The whole family is getting old. Soon
we'll be carrying on the risk tradition but with Zack and Brody.

But yeah, be looking for a good place over there at the Y. Justyna
said the Avenues was good. She is leaving for the mission this week. I
don't know if I told you, but she was called to the San Diego mission
as well, so she'll meet Rachel! She's spanish speaking, but what if
Rachel trains her? Food for thought.

Speaking of Spanish speaking.. My comp. Ha I'm getting used to him
now. I can understand him just about perfectly now. He speaks REALLY
fast and REALLY unclear, so I figure if I can understand him I can
understand just about anyone.

What else.. I am tired still. I don't know if I've ever been more
tired than any time in my life. But, it's been so good for me. As much
as I love being ZL though, I really would love to finish my mission as
just a DL or maybe even training.. Either way in Puerto Plata. That
would make it just.. complete. Finishing on the beach. Nice.

I love you two. Be safe.

Till next time, as a 21-year-old, not a second wasted

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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