Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A last minute invitation to speak and other fun stuff....

It really is crazy how fast it´s going dad. Holy cow.. time is just flying by. My comp told me the other day that I just had one transfer left, plus the oportunity to train one more time.. and that´s it. That´s the rest of my mission. 3 more transfers. Amazing.

Sometimes I feel like it´s been pretty short, but most days I feel like it´s been every bit of 2 years. Up till now at least. Like you say, these last few months go quickly, and this transfer up till now has been unbelievably fast. Between the baptismal interviews, the exchanges, the training meetings and the little time consumers like taking numbers every Sunday you start just losing time.. I say losing time, really you can´t lose time, you can just manage the activities in your time poorly, but time will always roll on, independent of whatever we can do.

Elder Pinkston and I did our exchange this last Sunday. It was so much fun. And so nice. Not that I don´t like Spanish, especially the oportunity to better my spanish, but speaking English every once in a while is reaaally nice. Especially when you are speaking English with the best friend in the mission. We just talked about all sorts of things, from home to the mission, and everything in between. I´m really glad he´s in the zone.

Anyway, here´s the number to reach his parents. 334 514 7420

They´re home from like 8 on. I don´t have like a huge preference about where to stay, just somewhere like not too expensive but not a slum. I trust you, I know you´ll pull through. But if you have trouble finding a place that´s open for winter for like 4 guys I don´t have a problem with being in the same apt complex as him or even just close. I just want a place to live. Haha. Thanks.

Well, I was in Hato Mayor, as you know on the exchange with Elder Pinkston, and I hear a voice behind me that was saying Sweeney. I recognized the slightly high pitched voice, it was Fernando from Bonao, one of my baptisms with Elder Johnson! I couldn´t believe it! His sister lives really close to the missionaries and he just happened to be visiting when I came. We talked a bit, he told me he was still active, and now he´s passing and blessing the sacrament. I was really pleased about that. He´s the man.

hmmmm.. What else...

Oh, Sunday I was on the way to church and I received a call from the bishop. He asked if I could give a talk if someone didn´t show up to church because he had never gotten a confirmation about whether they were coming or not. I accepted, it´s not the latest I´ve ever been asked to speak, so I wasn´t so worried about it (in Bonao I was asked 5 minutes before the sacrament meeting). Anyway, it turned out the on that Sunday President and Hermana Lee decided to attend their home ward. They hardly ever attend here. My comp had never seen it. So, I had to speak in from of them with zero preparation. Hahaha I did fine I guess, I get nervous but when I actually stand up to speak I'm fine.

Also, the elections just past this week. So, elections are a bit different here than in the states. Really no one cares that much about real issues, just about how much free stuff they can get out of the politicians before they get elected. Also, they campaign basically with giant parades with ridiculously loud music, so Friday before election day the traffic jams were so bad you couldn't get across the city in less than 5 hours. It was just miserable. I am not a fan of politicians, but here they are just the scum of the earth. They just rob the people shamelessly. The man who won, Danilo Medina, won just barely and my comp was glad. Basically he is the lesser of 2 evils as far as that's concerned.

I'm so glad my Thunder are doing well! Keep me posted. The Spurs worry me a bit, from what I've heard they're looking good. But they're old. So we'll see, they may be a bit tired.

I think that's about it. I'm sleepy. I'll be taking a nice nap today after going to the supermarket. If you could move a bit more money into my personal account that would be great. I have a reimbursement (sp?) coming but it won't get here for a while because of Memorial Day. I miss the memorial golf tournament. Wow, I just miss the states a lot. (ok.. I'm a little trunky).

Love you two. Be safe, good and healthy. Send my greetings to grandma Sweeney. She's a trooper.

Till next week, not a second wasted (and no more politics),

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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