Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thundering up in the DR and other fun stuff

I just want you guys to know.. I just stood up in this internet center and shouted because of what you wrote me! I am so pumped that the thunder won!!

Today has been a wonderful day. First of all, it hasn´t been near as hot here as normal. In other words, instead of 100 it´s like 93.. and also my son, Elder Johnson, came to visit me! He and his son are really awesome. They came here for their p day santiago, and we went to eat at burger´s ya, this burger joint that makes the best burgers in Santiago, and now he´s here in the internet center with me.

So, this day has been a bit of reminiscing about home, about the mission, and now, reading your letters, a bit more about home. Yes, I think I can say it, I do feel trunky. I feel it, but it´s not a feeling that hurts, more like a feeling of excitement. There´s a difference. One distracts you, the other motivates you. I have the motivating trunky right now. It´s the type of trunky that, if I´m not careful, could turd into the first kind, the discouraging type. But, for now, I just feel excited. I can´t wait to see you guys.

Monday was intense. First, we left with a member, a young man named anthony who is a baptism from last transfer of Mejía and I. We got 4 lessons with him. So, then later that night we left with two other endowed members, so we were able to do an exchange with them, each lesson counting as a member present. My member and I got 6 lessons, my comp and his got 3, so we finished the day with 13 lessons with a member present. That was pretty cool.

Yesterday was also pretty interesting. We left in the morning and went to an appointment with a man, finished up the lesson and walked past a house that I decided to contact. Outside of the house there was a dog loose, and it looked cute and harmless so I sort of made the motion to call it to me. That ticked the dog off and it started growling and ran up to me, I sort of used my bag to protect myself as it lunged, and luckily the man that lived in the house came out and called the dog off of me before it could actually bite.

I´m not necessarily scared of dogs biting me, I know that won´t kill me, it´s just the idea of going into the hospital here that scares me so much. I know I automatically have to check myself for a series of diseases if that happens, and I just hate being in hospitals here, especially if they have to stick something in me. But, it worked out ok and I wasn´t harmed. Good grief that scared me though. I have a vendetta against that dog though.

About my comp.. It´s been a good thing, it´s just been a bit of an adjustment. Elder Mejía is quiet, to himself, funny, just a really easy guy to get along with. My comp now is a big noisier, so I´m having to get used to the 2 different types of personalities. But, he´s a really great guy, great with the scriptures, a super hard worker and extremely obedient.

Yes, momma, I´m getting your letters. I just don´t like to read them on p day, I like to wait until I get them in paper form, and sometimes they just come late. But I love hearing about your horse search and your triumphs and a school teacher and your girl search in Oklahoma. It´s fascinating. And it´s worth responding to, I just forget about it when Wednesday comes around because I get your letters on Friday, but no worries, they´re all kept neatly in a box.

Sunday we ate at a really cool family´s house. I don´t know if I told you, their daughter goes to BYU (not the peruvian, the other). Their son is a huge NBA basketball fan so he´s always giving me updates, like what´s going on with the Thunder. I think he may like the Lakers, so he may be going for the Heat, but whatever, he gives me updates regardless.. Ha he´s gonna have to swallow his pride and accept that the Thunder are the better team.

I am gonna wind this up, with the hope that by the next letter the Thunder have a trophy and Elder Sweeney is fully adjusted to his new comp. I think both of those things will happen. Tell grandpa I love him if he remembers me, I´ll see him soon, and you two as well.

Be safe, carefull, well, and happy,

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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