Saturday, June 23, 2012

Transfers bring a new Companion!

Wow. What a fantastically long and great letter. I had heard about the Thunder beating the spurs, I must admit. I have my sources of great knowledge.... Ok they're just members here in Los Jardines, but they are really great about updating me. Tonight is a big night.. And today in general is a big day.. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
First of all, it was transfers today. I stayed where I was, Los Jardines but my comp was transfered out to Puerto Plata (lucky dog...). Now I have a new comp, Elder Castro. This guy has TONS of energy. He is a hard worker, super obedient, and reeeally young, just what I need in the mission. He hits a year a week from Saturday, so he went up to zone leader really early in the mission. He is cool, talks a little bit.. ridiculously fast so it's a little hard to understand him at times. Ha Dominicans are just.. well really hard to understand sometimes. They don't speak clearly, simply put. But, it's not a problem, I just tell him to repeat it. I understand almost 100 percent of the time the 2nd time.

2nd of all, that phone call needs explaining. One of our investigators' sons is in the hospital because he had an accident the other Sunday. He needed blood, but I wasn't sure that if I gave blood I would be able to ever give blood again in the states. That was my question. I loved hearing mom's voice though, if not for just a second. 

I haven't gotten a letter from anyone for a while. That's not a complaint.. that's a testament to just how little time I have left. Today I hit 1 year and 8 months in the mission. 20 months. 4 more to go. That's amazing. But you're right. I can let that get into my head and ponder upon in again and again and again or I can put my head down and just work. Really, time doesn't matter, it's completely independent, so it shouldn't influence how hard anyone works in the mission. Never. 

I am a bit worried though, what have you heard about BYU? Do you more or less have anywhere picked out or thought about for me? It's less than 6 months away, I'm not sure what the housing deadline is, but it seems like I should be really seriously looking by now.

Oh grandpa. I just love seeing that big smile of his. He is so happy looking. So relaxed. So thrilled to just be alive. That's how I would like to spend the last few years of my life.

And Joy. Not very happy. But if that's the end, that's the end. I'll see her when I get back. I love her, let her know that.

Well, I haven't heard an update from Matt for quite a while. If you get a chance to speak with him, tell him to write, thanks.

Let's see.. This last week we had a baptism. She's really sweet, a doctor recently married. Her husband should be baptised soon too. Great little family, now she's pregnant. 

I hear the Thunder fans are the craziest in the NBA. Is that true? I want to go to one of their games really bad.

I think that's it. A little scatterbrained. I've been craving something sweet lately, like granola or something like that. So, if that makes it in my package I wouldn't be upset.

I love you two. So much. Be good and safe you two. I'll see you soon..

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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