Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Enjoying the Work

What a great letter. I think, of all the letters you've written, that was probably one of the top 5 most trunky. You mentioned everything from food to golf to family and everything in between. How is Sean and his marriage going?

Mike is going to be 2nd counselor, eh? Haha that's awesome news. I'm so proud of him. The man is established, what can I say. He's the man. He's at a good stage of life, Kids are young, he's still young, he's got a career, a good calling. Life is pretty good for the man. I miss Mike, tell him to write me a bit more. I think I promised him a letter and never got it written, but this zone leader thing is robbing my time. Tell him to write me an email and I'll make writing him a priority.

Ok, so we have a baptism this weekend. It's been good in that regard but after this baptism.. We don't have much else. It's been so tough here. We contacted an entire apt complex (like probably 1/4 the size of wyview) and only got in one door, the very last one we contacted. That was a cool lesson though. He arranges music, and is actually really talented on the Piano. In this country, that is ridiculously rare. Like.. I'm talking one in a million... literally. So he took interest in the BoM, and we're hoping he has a bright future as ward pianist. It would be cool to have a ward with a pianist that wasn't a missionary.

Ok, in other news transfers are next week. Those aren't big news because I don't think I'm going anywhere, but at least I'll have a lot of changes in my zone. I need that. My elders are a bit tired. They seem to all have a lot of time in this zone, so they need out. Also, it's sort of a fresh new start for me, and I actually know what's going on now.

I really do have.. gulp... 4 months left. Whoa. Where did May go? What in the world happened to time? This transfer was unbelievably fast. Today we played basketball. It was fun I guess, but next transfer we're going to plan some good zone and dual zone activities. It'll be a blast.

I am going to finish this up a bit quick, I'm going to interview a lady that's going to be baptised tomorrow. So, we'll see you soon. I love you two. Be safe, be well, be good. :)

Till next week.. we've got a year and 8 months in this, ya ustedes saben,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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