Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Of Mosquitos and Rats.....and Allen Iverson

TIGER WON SOMETHING! Wow. That is just astounding. Tell me every detail about the Masters. Ooooh how I miss that, the Masters. Wow, it's so beautiful.

That contact that we made, Anthony, is progressing beautifully. HE GOT THE JOB! And, the best part, he doesn't work on Sundays!! I am just thrilled. He went to church this week and we met his wife, she's a sweetheart. He's supposed to bring her to church this next week. We invited him to be baptized, and he said yes, but we don't have a specific date yet.

Other than that we've been seeing other investigators progressing really well. And actually a lot of less actives coming back to church. Routinely in church we have about 80-100 people there, but we actually have a fair amount of priesthood, so it's really nice. It's really amazing because they're willing to leave with us and everything.. Well most of the time.

The church is great as well. It was under construction for about a month before I got here, and they are just finishing up. They are putting in an air conditioning system, so that will be amazing. Just like Fantino. Freeeezing. Ha my definition of cold is a lot different now.

Our house is pretty nice as well. It's WAAAAY smaller than the one in Bonao, but it's just for 2 missionaries so it's not too bad. Doing laundry is a bit of a pain, but it always is so it's not a shock. We just have to move the washer into the tiny bathroom and use the shower to fill up the washer. Ha it sounds a lot worse than it is.

I haven't had a single mosquito bite me in Pueblo Nuevo because it's in the city. It's just beautiful in that regard. But I've seen my fair share of rats. The rats are just gigantic.. Like the size of small cats. I think that's my least favorite animal in the world now.

Let's see.. The bishop lives below us. That's a cool aspect. He's just awesome, and it makes me feel a little more protected.

And Allen Iverson coming here is really hot news. It's been circulating, it's like that main topic of discussion. Ha there's a lot of basketball players here so it's way fun. We're gonna get a big tournament going soon I think with members and investigators. Right behind that basketball stadium there's a few investigators actually! Ha that's neat to see. It's a way nice part of our area.

I think that's it as far as the area goes.. I DID get the shoes. Actually my last week in Bonao, which was quite a long time ago. Sorry for not telling you. To be honest they've became my main proselyting shoes and the other ones of for meetings.. Just because that's the way they function. They look good though so I think I'll bring them home.

I love you two. Be safe, be healthy. Stop getting skin cancer please. I'll put on sun screen every day. That scares me a lot actually.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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