Thursday, April 12, 2012

Working like a "madman!"

Wow. What an impressive email. I don't even know where to start. I guess with the Masters.

BUBBA WATSON?? WHAAAAA? I knew about him, but I never thought he's win something like the Masters. He was always a grip it and rip it kind of player, if I remember right. That does make me really happy though. I love a good story like that. Wish i could have seen it though. Golf is soooooo far from EVERYone's mind here.

This week's been pretty good I guess. I went on 2 exchanges, one with my district and one with the zone leaders. I got to hang out with Elder Parker, who's going home soon, and he gave me the same advice you gave me, which is the best advice I think. Just work like a madman and these last 6 months will be quick. But, to be honest I am enjoying this so much now I don't even think about it a whole lot. Elder Johnson, my first kid, said one of his goes was that he wanted to be more sad about leaving the mission than leaving home. That sounds like a good idea to me.

We've been working a lot here. We have a baptism the 21st of this month, a good young man, 16 years old and just so humble. Also, Anthony is progressing really nicely. He's that super contact we made. He has a plan to drink natural juice (which is just amazing in this country, btw) instead of beer as usual. He's changing so much. And feeling the difference. It's really amazing.

Also, my comp and I found out that we have a mutual friend. I had forgotten, but a long time ago Carly Vongchonyakul (that girl from Norman) told me about a friend of hers that was called to the same mission. Anyway, needless to say that that friend was none other than Trent Taylor. It's a SMAAAAAALL world. Well, a small BYU world.

We have stake conference coming up this weekend. Supposedly a general authority is supposed to come. Ought to be great. I'll let you know.

Also, I'll try and send more pictures. You have to understand though, the time it takes to load them up is just ridiculous. I'm sorry if I can't get to that for a bit.

I love you two. I cannot believe how little time I have left. It's just crazy. I feel like, while it will be sad, I'm ready to move to the next phase of my life.

Nos vemos ahora casi, cuidense,

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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