Thursday, March 22, 2012

Success in Santiago!

Yeah, I've been great as far as my health is concerned. We've only been eating stuff in the house (which is time consuming and a little tiring), but it's been good. I haven't had a repeat of the amoeba, just the occasional normal diarreah.
Well, this week has been pretty interesting. Way good though. A couple pretty intense contacts. One was the first full day here. We just went contacting in an area kind of far from our house, but pretty densely populated. Where I live is super densely populated.. Like I'm talking there aren't very many 1 story houses. It's all multi-story apartments. Anyway, we were contacting in this less populated area and I feel kind of an impression to make a contact up on the second story. I have learned from Thomas S. Monson that you should never deny those, so I went for it, leaving my comp and this RM that we were with behind. I got there first, knocked, and a little girl answered. I asked if her dad was home and she said yes. Then the dad poked out his head and invited us in. We started normally, he had a really nice apartment with pictures from his wedding and all, and then we told him we would like to start a quick lesson with a prayer. He told us before we started he'd like to say something. He had prayed for the first time in a long time the night before for the lord to help him with his marriage, to help him to know if he was doing something wrong, and to help him find a job. So, he figured, by us showing up the next day he thought it might be a sign.
We had a great lesson, left him a book of mormon, invited him to church, and even coordinated a bit with the member that was with us to pass by and pick him up before church. He couldn't make it because he had something come up, but Monday he was really impressed with our willingness to help him. He's really awesome. He saw us walking on the way back home and he gave us a ride (he's got a sweet european brand car that I've never heard of). So he's looking pretty solid.
Another contact that we made was in a richer area. It was raining, the classic missionary scenario, so we were just soaked to the bone (my umbrella had gotten rusty in Bonao and didn't work super well, so I left it there). And, despite the fact that it was raining, we were still rejected a couple times. That is.. Until we arrived and Miguel and Nydia's house.
First we started talking to Miguel, just making small talk there in the house, and I asked if he didn't mind if we entered and shared a bit. He agreed and on the way back to the patio we met his wife and daughter, who were just sweet as anything. His house though.. Man it was really nice. He had a GIANT flat screen TV (it was kind of like a man cavish thing..) and like 3 cars. He and his wife, Nydia, are architects. They had actually helped build the La Sirena supermarket in Bonao. They do well in their respective works.
So, we begin sharing and Nydia was actually familiar with the church because her father was great friends with a missionary that taught him (didn't get baptised though.. never found out why) and she really likes the mormon messages from the radio that she heard as a kid. So, she opened right up as well. We had a really cool lesson, and we invited them to church as well (sort of more in passing, it was already saturday so it was a bit hard). They couldn't make it, but we'll pass by them today. I have high hopes for them.
Ok, well I won't bore you with things that don't matter too much to you, but I have already fallen in love with the area. The members are really good, the investigators (till now..) and progressing ok, so I'm happy.
I am reeeeeaaalllly tired. I stayed up really late transfers and haven't really caught up on sleep since. I am dead tired. Also, I played basketball for the first time in a while, so that destroyed me.
But, I'll catch up eventually. Nobody said you had to sleep on the mission.............. :/
I love you two. I am healthy. Really. And even though I'm tired I'm not eating weird things.
Be well. I don't need anything I don't think.. Well maybe socks but I'm ok for now. I just need more time.. Yeah that would be good. More time. I just don't know where it goes.
Well, I think that's about it. My comp and I get along well. He did BYU for a year too like me. He's a good kid, we're working our tails off here, hopefully we can see some success. Maybe your prediction is right.. 1 transfer. We'll see what happens.
Till next week, not a second wasted,
Elder C. Rufus Sweeney (yes mom, Rufus is preferred)

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