Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new assignment brings blessings: hot water and AC!

Well, your dream was certainly interesting.

I´ll tell you step by step what went down over transfers.

First, I was at church Sunday and one of the office elders, the ones that just work in the office all day as secretaries more or less, told me he had good news for me. He told me I was going up to ZL. I said cool, and then the next day, Monday, when President Lee is supposed to call to let us know what happened over transfers, I never was called. I went to the zone meeting, and on the way, at 9:50 in the morning we got a call.. I missed it because we were practically running to the meeting. It was from President Lee...

I went up to ZL in Los Jardines. It's the east zone here in Santiago. It's just wonderful. It's the "rich" part of Santiago, and my house is no exception. It's just wonderful. Today, I got to the house, turned on the shower, and HOT WATER CAME OUT!!!!! I have hot water in the house. Then, as I was unpacking, I noticed in our bedroom there was a weird box coming out of the wall... when I asked my comp what it was, he told me it was AIR CONDITIONING!!! Are you kidding me?? I am living like an American, in charge of the largest zone in the mission, and Elder Pinkston, my best friend from my group, is a district leader in the zone. Apparently they also were working really hard last transfer so they have quite a few baptisms lined up.

I. Am. So. Happy.

My comp is Elder Mejia, a Dominican from my group. He's quiet, reserved, and super nice. We had been saying, since the CCM, that we were going to be comps. It happened. I couldn't be more pleased with my sweet, good-hearted, hard-working comp.

Elder Taylor and I were talking about it, and we were saying the being a zone leader is really just a whole other level of missionary work, because you are with someone from your time, and your both seasoned, practiced and experienced, so the teaching should be the best of my mission. I can't wait to just hit the ground running with him. He's a good man, very understanding, and Latin, so I can perfect my Spanish with him.

Apart from that, there's some other good news from yesterday. I was pretty sad all day about leaving behind Anthony, a golden investigator of ours that was one of my favorite Dominicans. We had a great lesson with him last night, and he started talking about moving. We were both pretty taken back, and asked him where he was going to move, and he told us, for convenience of his work and his wife's work, he is going to move to Los Jardines, in my WARD! So I think Elder Taylor may baptize him, and I will probably get to see him more than Elder Taylor. It worked out perfectly. He truly was a miracle.

I'm glad you got to see Cameron. Take care of him for me. I want him to be at BYU with me.

I am still a bit sick, I am coughing like crazy and here they just have a bunch of placebo pills and cough syrup, nothing really works. I've tried a bunch of things. I may just have to get over this the all natural way.

Well, I don't know too much more about what's happening with me, because being a Zone Leader, till now, has been the same as just being a regular elder.

I can say, though, that leaving with my grandson was really amazing. I cannot believe how little time I have. I talked to Elder Kimball for a while yesterday, he got me thinking waaaay too much about how little time we have and what not. I still feel like I have forever left though, I don't want to get way ahead of myself.

Hmmmmm.. I think you may just beat me in a round of golf right now. Ha if I were you, I would take me on right when I got back so you could just crush me. That would be a great moral booster for you, and a great way to humble a prideful RM.

I love you two. I think I've written enough. I need to write president still. Next week won't be quite so crazy, transfer days are always nuts.

Be safe, well and good,

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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