Monday, April 9, 2012

An Average Week....and that's good!

You are getting me really psyched for something super far away. Ha or at least I like to think of it that way. I don't wanna come home so fast.. I miss you guys, I love you guys, I want to see you guys.. But I love it here. But, it will come to an end and I know that I'll love the next phase of my life as well.

Well, this week has been pretty average. Nothing super spectacular has happened. But we've been tracting like mad men and finding some pretty good stuff. This one guy yesterday was cool. He told us he had been to church a lot as a kid and played basketball and stuff and when we explained the Book of Mormon he loved the idea of asking God. So, I can see progression for him... Hopefully at least.

I love the work. My comp is great. He and I get along well. He's very controlling.. he just likes to take control of situations, which is fine because as a trainer I had to do that a LOT. So it's a nice break. Plus it helps him to learn to do that when he's a senior comp.

Let's see.. I think there's going to be a loooot of things that are different when I get back. It sounds like the neices and nephews are just huge (and looks like it too.. Zack attack is adorable). But, a lot will be just the same. Like my room.

Guess what else? I think you're maybe forgetting about something. We get to web chat again in like a month! Isn't that crazy? Also, the next general conference will be the weekend before I go home. Amazing. So fast. As they say here, el tiempo pasa volando (actually, they say that in english too.. ha)

So how are Shane and Dianne? I never got anything from her. Ha she promised me like 20 times before I left that she would send something.. But I have yet to get something. Wait.. Maybe one letter. But I'd like another update from her. If you would bring that up next time you see her that would be great.

Well. This week is looking to be pretty average too. I can't think of too much happening here. I'll be doing a couple exchanges with my district and with the Zone Leaders but that's about all. Elder Parker, one of my good friends in the mission, is ZL and gonna finish his mission in like 3 weeks so that'll be a good time talking to him. It has to be a weird feeling finishing up. I'm getting there, but it still feels soooo far away.

BTW, just so I don't forget, my address is #55 Abua Rodriguez, Pueblo Nuevo, Santiago. We live on the second floor, and the guy on the first floor is the bishop and he's named Jose Mirabal (it's kind of a famous name here). And my number is 809-723-7060. That should be enough information. I can't wait till he stops by. Let me know when he's coming.

TELL ME ABOUT THE MASTERS!!! I want a description of every shot.. ok not that extreme, but something nice. Something that makes me just a tidge trunky.

I love you two. I can now count the months on one hand. Whoa.

Be safe, be good, talk to you next week,

Till then, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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