Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adjusting to (and loving) life as a Zone Leader

Alright, good letter.. Good letter. I'll give it my best shot.

Well, to answer your questions, first of all the comp I have isn't the one I took a picture with in the CCM. And, even if it was, I wouldn't have any way of knowing which photo your talking about, that was a LOOOONG time ago. Ha

But, he is a fantastic comp. He's so humble, we just laugh and laugh sometimes thinking about the CCM and how greeney we were. At other times we talk about how crazy fast time flies. We are working like mad men though. We taught 45 lessons last week, I think that tops the mission. And this week we're not slowing down. It's looking like we'll be having about 8 baptisms this transfer, and that's assuming a couple of them fall through. I can't take the credit for it though, it's a lot of the efforts of Elder Newmeyer and a lot of missionaries before me. Even Elder Walker, my father in the mission (he finished here in this area) has some people that we hope will be baptised this transfer.

About the Ward. It's a good ward. There are 6 missionaries in this one ward, actually, and it's not even that big of a ward building. It's not the stake center, so it's kind of outdated. Not ugly, just old looking, sort of rustic. But rustic in the church here in the DR unfortunately means kind of ugly.

Anyway, we usually have around 100-110 at Sacrament meeting. I met this girl in the ward last week that actually is going to BYU. I asked her how it was, and she told me it was pretty much exactly the same. Ha that actually brought comfort to me. I want BYU to be the same when I get there. I know it will be a different experience, but I want it to be that way because of me, not because the school is different.

I am so pumped to go back to school. I never realized how much I loved learning until I came on the mission. It's actually really fun to challenge yourself with a hard class, or a tough schedule, or a tough major. Plus, the people.. I miss Nathan Keesling, and Cameron's random visits, and midnight runs to Del Taco.

Let's see. Well we actually contacted into someone somewhat famous the other day. It's the lead singer of Banda Real. He's not internationally famous, but he is really famous here, and actually a really nice guy. He has a very nice apartment, a super sweet Colombian wife, and two cute little baby boys. They've become pretty legit investigators.

Monday was my first training meeting as a ZL. I was legitimately nervous for the first time in a while in the mission. But, having a comp doing the training with you is such a huge support. If you forget anything, he talks about what you forget and it's seemless.

I hear Anthony is doing well over there in Pueblo Nuevo now. His wife is progressing like crazy and may have even surpassed him in her progression. She's feeling the difference in her life through prayer and study of the BoM.

I can't think of much more to say about what's going on here. Oh, that story about Grandpa Rufus is heartbreaking. I don't know what to say. Is Grandma in a cast right now? Keep me posted.

I am so excited to go play golf with you. Ha I so wish you would have said that to Kedy. We're going to have tons of fun when I get back, especially you when you can beat me because I haven't seen a golf club for a year and 8 months.

Love you two. It's so close to the end I can taste it. But it's a bitter sweet taste. Definitely gonna be a weird adjustment.

Be safe, be good, take care of grandpa.

Till next week, not a second wasted.

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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