Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Christmas musings.....

I loved your letter. Ha even though I just talked to you Sunday you still sent just as much as usual. It seems like we didn't actually get all that much real communication in.. Like the good meaningful stuff until like the last 20 minutes. It was a massive commotion in the house, which was exactly how I like it. Seeing everyone was so cool. All the kids are GIANT! I am still just stunned.. and it's only been a year and 3! Wow. That just blows my mind.

My new comp is the man. It's not easy training 24 weeks straight, especially in the same area, but we're pushing each other so it's been great. Here in Bonao we still have the same usual investigators, and the others we're sort of cycling through.. It's a little tough here at times because everyone will have you in. That's never the problem.. It's just getting them to make commitments. You already pretty much knew that though.

Oh one interesting thing is that one of our investigators, Roberto, actually lived in England for like 9 years, so he's taken a real liking to my comp and now is doing us favors like giving us rides to the super market and back in his SUV (still not sure how he can afford an SUV, he's not wealthy by any means), and he's going to make a meal for us tonight. But, we don't just take advantage of him as it seems, he actually wants to put his life in order and expressed to us last night that he would like to be baptized.. We'll see where it goes.

I am really happy. Honestly it's been so great lately. The zone leaders are both americans as well so we get to do a lot of activities with them. We played a ton of ping pong with them today for p-day. Later on just my comp and I went to La Sirena and shopped, also buying lunch. It was just what we needed, rice, baked chicken and mashed potatoes with melted cheese on top.. almost an american meal...

That brings me to the next thing.. I don't want to look at a plate of rice for a LOOOOOOONG time when I get back.

I love you two. I enjoyed hearing from you so much. Best Christmas present by far...

Wow, just 9 more months,

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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