Friday, January 13, 2012

"I love the mission......."

Hey family,

Woooow what a week. Ok, first of all I'll tell you the bad news. Lily and keli, the couple that was going to get married and baptised and lived happily ever after, told us this last week that they didn't want to continue.. It hurt. To add insult to injury, two more investigators also told us that they didn't want to continue for different reasons, either work or their psycho mother, but it's been tough on the work desire.

The one thing that's really kept us going strong (among a few other things) is a man named Radamez. As we have worked with him, he has progessively gotten more and more open with us. Here's his story.. He is 61 years old, always lived a great life, and had his wife and his family there and a pretty great house, but really felt pretty empty inside and unsatisfied with worldly things. About ten months ago he lost his job, and with it his wife and somehow in the process just about everything he owned.. But he did have at least a fridge (more like a mini fridge), a fan, an old tv, and a dvd player. Well, since we've started teaching him EVERYTHING has broken, even the fan. This man has nothing. He doesn't even have things to eat a lot of times. A company he worked for (he's an electro-mechanic) owes him about 2000 dollars, but refuses to pay. He just can't get a break. But, despite all this, he has always worn a smile each and every time we go and teach him. He has a baptismal date on Saturday and a super powerful testimony because he truly has been humbled. He doesn't have much, but he has the gospel.

Last friday we went and gave him a meal of chicken and yuca, this potato like like root that grows here. He said he hadn't eaten for a while.. I don't know how long that was, but I can imagine he had been a while without food. It warmed my heart to see his mostly toothless smile as he saw the food.

I love the mission so much, it seriously makes me near to tears thinking about this man. I have grown to love him so much.

A good little funny story as well that had my comp and I laughing for a while.. We have a really hick investigator that is always willing to share but always super uninterested in the lessons.. His grandson comes outside just before a lesson on sunday and is crying because he thinks his baby chicken is dying. Guillermo tries to comfort him by resucitating the chick with mouth to mouth (which by the way is actually the reason it's dying at this point) then he sets the chicken on the ground and it starts walking really wabbly as if it has rubber legs. It's seriously not near as funny unless you were there, but try and picture it.

And that beef jerky sounds just wonderful. I really thought the one you sent me was great, slackhouse, but if you believe this Ed's is the greatest thing ever I trust you. I can't wait.

I miss you two. Radamez, the investigator, is getting baptized this Saturday. I am pumped. He's truly converted though, that's what really matters.

Love you two. I'll keep working hard. Today is the first good bit of rest I've gotten in 3 weeks, and it felt just wonderful.

Be safe, be good, see you in just oer 8 months,

till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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