Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a quick note...

Ok, this may be a shortish letter. It seems like every time we go to santiago my letters are ridiculously short, and super undetailled, but here´s a summary of the week;

-we found the second counselor, Humberto. He´s amazing. He prayed about the restoration (to know if it was true) until his knees were bruised. He has now become a great example to me.

-I bought more brownies in Santiago. We should be eating pretty well after all this transfer :)

-My comp and I get along great. He is the man. I don´t know if I´ve ever worked harder in my life in anything. We lack sleep at times, but something keeps me moving along... The unseen force of the hand of the Lord I suppose, but it´s amazing.

- We set two more baptismal dates, one with Humberto and one with a man named Ericson, who´s also pretty amazing (I´m thinking young men´s leader.. cross your fingers)

Annnnnd.. I think that´s all the big news this week.

I am so glad to hear about Romney. Hahahaha pathetic.. I don´t care how you slice it, a win is a win, he can start talking trash when Obama and Romney square off. I´ll be there to help the Romney cause.

I loved your letter. Glad to see Manu doing well. He´s an old family friend now. He´s great it sounds like. I´d like to meet up with him at BYU if I can one day, we´ll see if it happens.

I´m sorry this is brief. I´ll be writing more next week (I put lots of spaces to make it look longer), but I think all my teams are winning their bowls. That´s great news.

Love you two. Play golf for me, please. It´s something I´ve missed more than ever these last few days. Hit an extra couple putts for me, pretend it´s a putt off, and let me win. Cool? Cool. We´ll see you guys in a few months.

Till next week, not a second wasted (and wearing my Christmas golf tie),

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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