Thursday, January 26, 2012

A lost cell phone....and an earthquake!

Hmmmm.. The Cameron situation is really intriguing, especially with President Keyes throwing a wrench in there. For sure, anything that happens, keep me posted. I got an email from Vicki today, I'll go check what that says, but for now I'll just be praying.

Today was a really good, productive P-day. My comp and I cleaned, studied, went to La Sirena, took a nap, and came here to respond to emails. That email could not have been more trunk-tastic.. I wasn't very aware of the date. Obviously I knew what day it was, but I barely even think about how much time I have left or anything. 8 months is honestly nothing.. I remember when I had 8 months in the mission, I still felt like a new born.. Now I feel like a toddler I would say, trying to show a newborn how to crawl. It's really a huge priviledge to train though. It's been two of the best experiences of my mission up till now.

Well, this last Monday was interesting. We were on the way back from Santiago because we had a meeting up there and it suddenly hit me that I needed to use the restroom (this story probably won't go in the direction you think it will). Anyway, I'm sitting there in the guagua (essentially a van) and someone calls, so I fish the phone out of my pocket and take it. Well, it was really packed so I couldn't put it back in my pocket, so I put it between my legs. So, we get to Bonao, and the driver makes his rounds all over Bonao to drop everyone off, when finally we get to our stop. At this point I'm about to explode because of how badly I need to go, so I get off the van in a hurry and leave the phone on the van. My comp asks me if I have the phone and I say no, and then we realize it's back on the bus. The bus at this point is JUST out of range to be able to flag it down, so we just decide to go back to the house and use the owner of the house's phone to make a call to the Elders that are in the area of the van station. They pass by and say they didn't have a phone, but, with a little bit of hope we drove over to the station that evening to see if they had one. We asked the driver himself and he said he hadn't seen one... So, it was stolen. It sort of made me sick, but in the morning I called the office and apparently it's not that uncommon. That made me feel a bit better. Still, being phoneless in missionary work is like being gunless in a battle. It's not fun. We're just passing by everyone with the hope that they'll be there.. ha but Friday we're supposed to get another.

But, that was the big occurrence this week. Also, interestingly enough while I was using the restroom (just after leaving the guagua after the phone incident), there was an earthquake. It wasn't too big, but it shook the whole apartment and I felt the earthquake for a good minute and a half (just because the water in the toilet kept the momentum of the inicial shock for a while). It was nerve wracking. Aparently there's been a lot of seismic activity here lately..

What else.. Well our investigators are great. We have two that are especially good, Franc and Alex. They are really impressive young men. Franc is just a mad man, loves church and the people there and Alex is a reference and good friend of Jeury. It's really neat to see the result of the result of the Lord's work in Bonao. Jeury is just on fire. He's changed so much, it's amazing. Also, a middle aged man named Humberto, with a solid job and everything, very intelligent (we're thinking second counselor), is progressing really well and loving everything.

I am shocked at how fast it's gone. You were right, now that I've got more responsibility and more things going on the time seems to just be a blur. I can't remember the last time I had trouble sleeping when I came home at night. I am so tired when night comes it's just unreal. I love it.

It's interesting about what's going on with Cameron but I just have to leave it in the Lord's hands. It's nearly impossible to have any energy or desire to do the work if you don't have a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet.. It's really what our whole message hinges on.

Love you two. Be safe, be there when I get home (I'm giving you the same commitment you gave me!), I can't wait to see you in 8 months. I'll keep the whole travel thing in mind. It says on my proselyting card thing signed my Thomas S. Monson that my last day is the 9th. Not sure? we'll see how it all pans out. It's hard to know this far away.

But, till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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