Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Baptism brings joy...and pictures

It has been an amazing week. We got a baptism, we're getting all kinds of referrals from our recent converts and we're getting the ball rolling with all the members here. I think my spanish may be slipping a tidge but we put the goal as a companionship this next transfer to just speak spanish. My comp wants to dominate it, I want to get it back. I like the plan. I have too long without a spanish comp and I don't like it.

So, it's been a pretty good week, like I said. We got Radhamez baptized and he's been just thrilled, I think he may get a temporary job at the park that the church owns here in Bonao. It's a pretty little property that wards come to from all over the country and the carribean. We got to go there today and it really is just awesome. I had been there before, but since then they've put in a water slide (which of course we didn't get to use, but it was pretty sweet looking anyway), and I think we may be going back in a couple weeks. We ended up just playing ping pong because it rained about the whole time, but we enjoyed that a ton.

It's been raining a ton here, like daily for a while. It's Bonao, so that's expected, but I'm getting tired of the smell of mold each time I peel off my shoes at night. It smells like a locker room in our apartment. We try and contain it, but it's just.. well that's a little gross I'll stop talking about that for a bit.

So I'm FINALLY going to send pictures to make up for the briefness of this letter. But, just know I'm in good shape here and working so hard I just completely lose track of time. Everything is just hourly. I don't even look at calenders anymore unless it's to set a baptismal date or schedule a meeting. The mission is getting intense.

Tomorrow we have a training meeting with the assistents and president, so that should be good. My comp and I are getting along great. He cracks me up, reminds me of matt a lot in his humor. Except with an accent.

Well, you were right about another door opening after a few shutting. We have some seriously great investigators, a lot that we've found just in this week. Frank, this 18 year old youth, is just awesome. He's got so much energy. We met him about 3 weeks ago, but he left for Christmas vacation, so he finally came back and he picked up right where he left off. He's just golden. And Humberto is also progressing well. So we should be getting a couple more before all is said and done in Bonao (hopefully...).

Here's the pictures. Oh, and to answer your question, there was just one ward here in Bonao before, and it was part of the La Vega stake, but now there are 2 branches and it is a district. I think that's because there are just TONS of less actives everywhere. The world is just going to crap and unfortunately a lot of the members are being brought with it. It's sad, but we're trying to work with them as well.

I love you two, hope you're well and safe, eating your fine habanero jerky and enjoying life.

Until next week...not a second wasted.

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