Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Kitty Mystery and other oddities

Seriously, so much has happened this last week. A lot of little stories, but I like to include those once in a while. I'll just tell a couple.
First of all, this morning when I woke up this morning I was a little disoriented. So, like normal I went to go use the restroom, when I noticed that there was what looked like a plastic bag on the ground. That didn't surprise me too much, the wind during the night sometimes does strange things and blows things around. But, then the bag meowed at me. I looked at it well and it was a fluffy little kitty. WHAT??? How it got in there I will never know, but it was in there. So I took a couple pictures of it and gave it to the owner of our apartment who knew the owner of the cat. Seriously though, we are still stumped as to how that cat got into the apartment. It was a ragdoll, super expensive and nice, so nice and almost hard to let go. We named it Milagro, miracle in spanish. I was sad to see it go.
Also, sunday night we were in the middle of a lesson when this woman came up screaming. She had a little girl in her arms who was aparently possessed but a demon. The investigator that we were teaching got up and ran away, picking up the girl and taking her away on his motorcycle.. Then her mother, who was just carrying the girl, also got possessed and by this time the mass of people was huge around her so there was nothing we could do. It was terrifying. My poor comp had to experience it so soon in his mission..
But, it's been a pretty decent week all in all. That young man, Fernando, who took such good care of the BoM, is just blowing us away. He's teaching us in lessons now. I love to hear when someone is fully converted, because they become the teachers and we become the students and get to see the fruits of our labor. It's like ammon says in alma 26: 33-34, their converts were better than them. That's exactly what I want, converts that are better than me.
Let's see.. Oh, I've been thinking. If you could consider sending a little something for thanksgiving, my comp and I are gonna have a little lunch, and we want it to be special, so a recipe for rolls or something and maybe a few things that we could cook with, You could send them along with the belt and alarm clock. I would love that so much. It's my last one here and I want to do it right. Especially for my comp. :)
I am happy. I worry about Cameron, and Talley, and a few others, but I know they're in the Lord's hands until I get back.
We went to Santiago today, we stocked up on brownies and cereal. :D It's gonna be a good transfer. We go back to Santiago in like two weeks because the Santiago P-day rotates, and it was our last week this transfer but it will be our first week next transfer. I'm getting taco bell. I miss that soooo much. I can't wait to be back and have that all the time.. Although then it may not be so special... Ah who am I kidding taco bell will always be special. Remember when you and I would get it and get a drink at Sweeney's? I hold those memories really dear to me. You would always read the paper and silently look to see if people were actually working or not. Hahaha they sweat a lot when you came it, I'll have you know.
I am sort of in disbelief at how fast that month was. Where on earth did October go? Why is this transfer ending in a week? How is it that a full and almost a half ago I met my kid for the first time? Woooow. I feel sort of sad sometimes when I think it all comes to a close. I love the work so much. I won't know what to do with myself when I get home, I'll just want to be moving constantly.
I miss you two. I will be home before you know it, but first things first we have two more phone calls. Think, Christmas is not even 2 months away, and thanksgiving just 3 weeks away. It's really moving now.
We have a baptism this Saturday!! A young man named Heury that we've been preparing little by little. He's great, he really is, but tonight we're gonna go see if he's truly ready. It's a huge deal and I refuse to baptise less actives, that's not my style.
I love my comp, the people, and honestly the only thing that I lack here on my mission is my family.. And maybe 24 hours of power, and also good clean tap water.. and a hot shower.. and air conditioning.. and a car... and a wife... but seriously that's IT! haha
I will talk to you next week. Love you. Be safe, say hi to grandpa if he remembers me, and send my love to the whole family.
Till next week, not a second wasted,
-Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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