Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All I want for Christmas is..............

Dag nab, that Thanksgiving sounds just amazing. I have to say, Mike and Chrissy haven't really changed very much, but their kids look SO DIFFERENT! Wow. I love those pictures. Keep sending them.

And, one more thing for the Christmas package. This may sound strange, but I need a few more white shirts. I have washed them with practically a whole bottle of bleach (ok, that's an exhaggeration (sp?) but you get the idea), and they still look really... well honestly gross. It's from my backpack originally, it just got worse and worse. They are beyond fixable now. So, some new ones would be a huge help. Only for the next 10 months, so they don't have to be super nice nor costly, just something average. I don't know my measurements though, and I can't really take my shirt off in the internet center here, so I'll have to get those to you later. Hopefully you don't need those by next week.

Ok well... To answer your questions more or less.. yes I would like pistachios. :) and maybe some salmon. Please?...

and no, we just live 2 of us in our apartment. We have 2 bathrooms for us to elders, and it's a really nice house, so we're super spoiled here. Weekly we get like 60 people in church, and the majority are youth, but we have quite a few families that we're working with so it's great. It's tough here, It's sort of how I remember Ada being a long time ago. Maybe I'm wrong, but we were down to like.. 70 a week, right?

This last week we were super broke. Ha that thanksgiving really took it out of me, and so did the package. But, we survived until this apoyo. It was actually really fun! Ha we lived off of ramen noodles and french toast (which is surprisingly cheap here), but having those things.. every day.. for 6 days... every meal.. was really tiring. We're making a La Sirena run tomorrow. I'll be fine.

And I didn't want to take out personal money because... Well there really wasn't a reason. My comp and I just made a pact to try and make it. And so it was.

It would be a good idea to send a letter of appreciation to President Lee. He's a great man. He always writes me and talks about how much he trusts me.

I wrote Cameron and he wrote back, so it's all good on that end. He's got too much junk in his head. I just told him to simplify it, forget about everything you've heard from anyone, go into an empty room when you have a lot of time, and ask the one and only source that can't deceive you. And don't come out until you'e got an answer. That's it.

I want him to be there at least until I get home.

Oh, and about Dengei... Wow, that's really nuts. I've heard it's pretty common here, but if I use my fan at night I find that they don't bother me at all. Plus, we have a fumigator that comes about once a month that helps a ton.

That church that you saw was actually Bonao 2, the first church in Bonao. We are in Bonao 1, in another part, but not too far away from there. That's so cool that you saw where I am. It's almost like you aren't 2000 miles away...... Except I feel every bit of that distance in this holiday season. I'm trying to narrow that distance with a tiny Christmas tree and Christmas lights outside of the house, but nothing can really replace that except the family. But knowing taht it's the last one is really nice. The LAST ONE. Second to last phone call. It's all coming to a very very quick, accelerated end.

I get to talk to you guys at Christmas. If that was the only sentence in this letter it would be plenty to make me excited. That's so close. As it gets closer I'll give you more details, but I think I may be leaving Bonao a few days before so it may complicate the plans a bit. I think I will just call you in the early afternoon and we'll set it up from there. I don't know if I remember my account stuff anyway, for oovoo or skype...... Yeah not coming to me, but I'll check into all that before the date gets here. By the way, if you can do oovoo it's WAAAAY better than skype, so sign up for that.

I am gonna wrap this up, my hour is running out. I am a little trunky right now... there's really no hiding it. Ha so, to recap, in my package at Christmas all I expect is Sufjan Stevens Christmas EP and white shirts. If I don't get anything else I'd be overjoyed with that.

Love you two. I didn't get a letter from Mom. :( I did have a dream about here though. I came home too late and she yelled at me. Hahaha I woke up and thought.. man I don't miss that. But I do miss and love you, momma.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

P.S. I've got a sinking, deep, dark feeling that I'm going to be made zone leader soon. I think I may have just jinxed in by mentioning it.. I'll let you know in a couple weeks when transfers come.

P.P.S. how did you know what "ya ustedes saben" meant? Just curious. Mike? Or google translator?

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