Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving...Dominican style

What a day. We just celebrated Thanksgiving in style today. We had all the fixins like you´d expect Elder Rufus Sweeney to have. All I have to say is.. 8 missionaries, 4 whole chickens, corn, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes, funeral potatoes, and for dessert, brownies and cheesecake. We do it right. We have so many leftovers it´s almost like in the states. The only thing we missed today was our family.. ANd maybe turkey.

It´s been a great week here. We put 2 baptismal dates and are still working on more. That made me laugh so hard, your story about the missionaries from there. Hahaha it´s amazing sometimes how fast we forget that the people DO NOT know what the priesthood sometimes, even though it´s such common terminology in the church.

Well, it´s been a good week as well. We did what´s called a cosecha, or a harvest here in Bonao, where all the missionaries in the city split up and tract in the area of one missionary, making inspired contacts. It´s not super effective, but we don´t have much in general here in Bonao, and now as a goal in the mission we are trying to get 20 lessons with a member present, and that´s impossible if you don´t have investigators to do it with, so we thought the cosecha would be good. It turns out it was great.. But only for our area. We had a ton of success here, while other areas were not so blessed.. We´ll just say. But all in all it wasn´t a complete failure for the other areas, they have a lot more than they had, it´s safe to say.

The only the we struggle with here in Bonao is getting people to church. We have been struggling, fighting with people, but really we realized we shouldn´t have to be fighting so much. Honestly, if they don´t want to go, they don´t have to. Once we have explained the principle, why it´s important, invited them 2342342 times, called them sunday morning, passed by sunday morning, and done everything in our power, it´s time to let them go. They just don´t want to do it. That´s something that took me WAAAAY too long to learn, but I have definitely learned it.

We have a couple, Lily and Keli, that are so good. They went to church last Sunday, are praying as a family, and doing really well, progressing awesome and everything. We even set a date with them last night.. Now we just have to get them married.

Fernando is also doing just swell. Other than that, we´re just trying to keep people afloat. That sounds kinda sad, but they´re not doing too bad.

I just tried to send you pictures, but this computer.. Or possibly this memory card reader, or maybe both.. Aren´t working. Welp, I tried. I´m gonna try again next week. dag nab it, It´s a little frustrating but I´ll get you pictures.

Oh.. Oh my sooners. Wow. That´s so disappointing. Just throw a texas team at us other than Texas Tech and we´re gonna fall. Jeez.. What a crappy saturday. :/

hahaha that about Lee Corso was hilarious though.

Hmmmm... Yeah just a month and I´ll be talking to you. I am pumped. Tell Mike to brush up on his spanish. haha

Be safe, be good, this week no scary news, except for knox. That poor little guy..

Love you two,

till next week, ya ustedes saben,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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