Thursday, March 22, 2012


ok, money issue resolved. The money is in the account. All of those charges looked good. I thought that Mom had put another 200 in at the time of the letter, but it was just that she had put them in after the package. Thank you so much though. I was so relieved when I saw that.

Ok, now for the news of the week. Yes, transfers did happen. I received a call from President Lee that said I would be moving up...... Drumroll.......................

To district leader. Yeah, I don't know if he knew that was already my calling, but it's definitely official now. Haha I'm here, and I was transfered to Santiago south zone AGAIN! So, that makes a grand total of 2 zones for the entire mission. Wow. Ha I do love this zone though.

I am in an area called Pueblo Nuevo. It's really close to everything here in Santiago, as opposed to La Yaguita del Pastor that was kind of on the outskirts. Today we went to a GIANT la sirena (the supermarket here) that was about a 10 minute walk from our house.

My companion is Elder Taylor, a tall American from Utah. He is also adopted, like Elder Johnson. Super friendly, outgoing and bubbly guy. He's a talker, which is so different from Elder Wilkinson it's ridiculous, but he's a great kid, and I love him the same. He's actually from the same group of Elder Wilkinson, so I'm what's called a "step dad", or the comp after the dad. His spanish seems pretty solid already. I barely know him though, so I'll see later exactly how he is.

It's really nice not to have a new missionary.... Well, not brand new at least. I get to focus on being a good district leader, on the training meetings, on the missionaries in my district, instead of tending especially to my comp's needs. It was so fun training.. I wouldn't trade it for the world, and we worked our butts off in Bonao, but it's time to move onto the big city.

Santiago is sooo overpopulated. It's great, it's a little ghetto, yes, in my area, but it's a charming little city. The people are really nice.

Funny little side note, so when I went to La Sirena I ran into a less active that we were teaching in La Yaguita.. Hahaha Elizabeth. That's when you know you have a lot of time in the mission. What a blast from the past.

Let's see.. The new apartment is good. It's not NEAR as big as the other one. Just two bedrooms, one bathroom, but it's good enough. The great part is that it has 24/7 power, it hardly ever goes, so no stress about washing or anything like that. I'll try and take some pictures for next time.

I have an amazing district. Elder De Leon from Fantino is in my district again (we lived in the same house.. now it's just the same district which is still awesome). And we have his comp, Elder Jenks, a solid missionary from Wilkinson's group, and Elder Ruiz, a missionary from my district in Constanza. I don't know the other yet.. we shall see.

My zone is also sweet. Elder Parker, a good friend, is ZL. Elder Cromwell, my old ZL from Bonao, is now training here in the zone. Just a really great group of guys. I'm really happy.

The letter seemed really great and positive this week. I was happy with all the news. I just sort of glanced this week because I couldn't print it off, but it was really upbeat for the most part. I hope mine is too. It's been a good week for the both of us.

Well, it was hard to leave Bonao. It was a great 5 transfers. My goal is always for them to say that I was a great missionary that made a difference, that means I did my job and did it well. A few said I was one of the better missionaries to pass by in quite a while. I love that. Not for pride's sake, but for the sake of the Lord. It wasn't my work there.

I love you two. Be safe and good. I'll see you soon. Soon enough at last. 5 more transfers. I can count them on one hand. Ha see you soon.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder Sweeney

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