Saturday, March 3, 2012

Final Days in Bonao?

Well, this week has been pretty regular. Nothing too extraordinary.

We´re winding down the training with Elder Wilkinson. You´re exactly right, it´s in exactly two weeks, March 13. Happy leap year, BTW! Greg Sutton turns like.. 17 today or something. Ha he was born on a leap year.

I think we´ll be having 2 baptisms, not this saturday but the next. That´s the hope anyway.. You just never know here. One is almost sure and the other we´ll have to see, but it would be a great way to go out here in Bonao.

You´re right. As great as it´s been here, as marvelous as my experiences have been, as much as I´ve learned, I´m ready to go. 7 1/2 months anywhere is a good time, especially in an area in the mission. Granted, many have spent this time in an area in the mission, including Mike and I'm sure Matt, but it's about the limit I think. Much more than this and they're gonna try and get me to vote for their local leader..

I am still getting along well with Elder Wilkinson. It seems like I've had some of the crazier experiences of my mission with him. He's done well with it, the poor guy. He'll realize when he gets out of here just how great the mission is.. haha Bonao is no comparison, even though it's looking like he's gonna get a decent amount of baptisms. He should get a couple more when I leave.

In all honesty though, it's been one of my favorite areas. When I leave from here I'm probably going to miss the heck out of it.. It may even become holy ground for me. I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into the work here.. Literally. It's cost me two pairs of shoes (for the rain.. ha), and because of having bad shoes many blisters. But, the sacrifice has been tiny compared to the blessings that my comps and I have seen. We've seen miracles here.

We have a District Conference the last weekend I'm here, so that should be great. Elder Viñas is coming down here from the area 70, so it'll be pretty special. Looking forward to it.

I love you two. I'm glad to hear that Mitt Romney is doing well for now, but even happier that mom is doing better. We're praying every day for her. Elder Wilkinson's mom is also sick, so we're praying for her too.

Be safe, don't fall off your fancy bike and break your hip (he he he below the belt that was..)

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus. Sweeney

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