Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This week has been pretty wild, which is becoming the norm for me now. Sunday is the big news, we had 24 investigators at church. A HUGE success. We work hard though, so it´s nice to see the fruits of our labor. What´s really frustrating is missionaries that work just has hard as us but don´t see those kinds of results. I feel bad when other elders complain about having their investigators come to church, but we do some really specific things like walk around sunday morning and round everyone up.
It was so good to hear your voice momma. And dad too. I wish it was longer.. yeah, but it wasn´t too bad. I got to at least talk about the highlights of my mission so far, which actually was only 2 weeks up till then. Still... it was a little short. Good news about grandpa and shane though, that was good to know.

Let´s see... oh yeah talking to greg. His accent.. my gosh. it´s so clear. I had a full on conversation with a mexican elder today. I still don´t feel comfortable at all talking to dominicans. That´s the difference. It´s ridiculously hard to understand them. And so I keep getting called callado. I just want to listen and understand but people expect me to talk. So I try.. and it´s hard because I don´t know what they´re talking about. Anyway, it´s pretty tough. I can´t wait till i´m to the point where I can understand what pepole are saying up to speed.

Here´s kind of a cool story. Last week we were walking to church. We were about a block away when we heard a yell ¨Elderes.. ELDERES!¨ It was a lady who was a member but not from this city. She had apparently been looking for the church for a while but didn´t know where it was. She had said a prayer and not a minute later spotted us. It was a cool feeling, being instantly recognized as a sort of beacon of the church. People know us.. we´re kind of a big deal. ok that´s a joke but seriously, it´s neat being the answer to someone´s prayer. One of those testimony building moments for sure. Those happen a lot on the mission. I appreciate all of them but it´s hard to keep track of them all.

Ok so right now im at an internet center. The lady here is SO dominican. The way to say come here is ¨venga para aca¨ but this lady just said ¨venga p´aca¨.. they cut words and put them together here. It´s funny sometimes when I can understand them but not at all when I can´t... which is just about all the time.

Also, yesterday I tried at awesome dish called arroz con dulces. It´s in essence rice pudding.. but better. It´s warm and homemade so it tastes SO GOOD. my gosh. I can´t even describe it. wow. and i´ve heard habichuelas con dulces is even better, it´s like rice pudding but with beans. I´ve heard it´s incredible. That´s what my comp said at least. I´ll report.

We have been enjoying that package so much, my comp and I. I can´t wait for the next. We checked monday like every week for mail and not a single person got anything. That´s a little sketchy.. we think they forgot to send it from santiago. With christmas and everything it would be easy but still... suck. I´ll let you know if we get our packages next week. The artist that you didn´t write down right was sufjan stevens. Matt knows of him.

Let´s see..... oh i was gonna ask you, what´s the name of the blog that I have? my comp has one that he just updates himself. I don´t wanna do that, the comps are too slow, but i wanna see it. So just give me the login and stuff, much much appreciated. ¨:)

hmmmm.. yeah i haven´t heard anything from matt. That´s the only kid that hasn´t written me. I have appreciated a ton the letters from mike, ellen and joy though. They have been exactly what I needed sometimes. I hate that it takes forever to get to me but it´s honestly better than nothing.

As a greeney i hope i´m appreciating how much success we´re having here. I mean, i know there are elders that are working really hard but don´t have much success. I don´t ever want to take for granted fantino, it´s been a huge blessing but at the same time i wish i would have had a really tough area before this one just so i could appreciate the difference. Another wish that I have is the ability to communicate. I love the members here, and they´re all really tight, but I can´t appreciate them either because i can´t actually hold a conversation with a dominican.

I still love the work. Life as a missionary is so good. My trainer and I work hard, he pushes me to be the best I can be and my legs hurt every night but it´s a great hurt. I love the people here in the DR, and I love you all too. A lot. I´m always gonna be homesick here because it´s not home and it´s not familiar, but i will work hard these next two years and I will not waste a second.

ya tu sabes (you already know)

elder c. rufus sweeney

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