Monday, January 31, 2011

1-12-11 (these are out of order...sorry!)

Well, there´s not a whole lot to report on this week, it´s not a whole lot different from last week. I realized monday that I was broke because of the packages I got from you guys and ellen but it was TOTALLY worth it. I´d rather feel loved than have money, so packages are fine. But I may need to take some personal money out.. yeah sorry.
Anyway, I love hearing from you all. I get a letter every 2 weeks from Rachelle, it´s her 2 week update. We still keep in touch really well. I especially love the weekly update from you though, you crack me up in your letters momma. Also that email from alyssa made me laugh. She´s all over the place in her letters, just like in real life. She told me judd still hits people... has his voice changed at all? hahaha that kid cracks me up. And jake, how´s he hangin in there? I need to write him back but there´s not address on his letter.. I´ll just send you guys a letter I think with a bunch of letters to all the people from home... yeah. that´s what I´ll do.
Let´s see.. Oh yeah I wanted to tell you about a story about a really neat young man. His name is Manuel. We started teaching he and his family about a week ago, all except his dad.. His dad is..... well a lost cause. But his mom, him and his two sisters are so neat. He works as a mechanic. He´s always working, fixing motorcycles and such for not much money. Last time we taught him we asked him how he was, and he told as not great. We asked why, and he made a hand motion in front of his mouth that indicated he hadn´t eaten. He told us there wasn´t food. If Cindy not having clothes made me feel bad this just destroyed me. I wanted to feed him.. do something, but we don´t have money either like I said. Plus, like the old saying goes, give a man a fish and he´s fed for a time, teach a man to fish and he´s fed for life. So, we´re going to teach him the gospel to try and get him out of that situation. It´s honestly the best thing he can have.. the church, the gospel and the assurance that someone really does care.
Also, Eriberto, the man I told you about last week that needs a divorce to be baptized, says he´s going to get that TODAY! that´s way exciting.
Transfers are coming up next week. I pray that I stay with my trainer just one more transfer, but the word is that only 4 companionships in the whole mission are staying together. That´s... crazy. and I have this feeling since I´m learning the language they´re going to think I don´t need a trainer for 2 transfers, so they´re gonna send my comp to assistant (they´re changing that this transfer) and I´m going to be here in fantino for just one more transfer, probably with a dominican.. yeah i´ve thought out the details of what I think will happen.. we´ll see. ha i´ll let you all know for sure. My comp would make a heck of an AP though. He´s got that attitude and confidence.
I had a dream last night also. I think I know what I´m going to do for a living. I had a dream I was looking at an internet site for a big well known organization and it was just really poorly organized and difficult to understand, and there was no number to contact. There were just all kinds of problems with it. I realized that that´s really common, a lack of communication is the cause in a lot of wasted time, money and other assets. I want to make an organized way of connecting companies, making communication easier, cutting out crappy unnecessary spending and making time between business transactions shorter. I´ll keep thinking in that. I know there´s a way to do it i just need to think... only on p-days of course.
I really love p-days.. gives me a chance to think about myself for a bit. Sounds selfish but when I think about my investigators needs for the entire week in a different language I start to lose who I am. I don´t want that.
I am craving that apple dessert from cracker barrel so much right now.. aaaaaarggggghhhh no more about that. haha
I love you momma. And dad. I can´t wait for that other package, it´ll be like another christmas.
Tell the whole family I love them. The bro´s and sisters of course, but also shane and dianne, grandma and grampa and mark and melinda. Also, is talley gone? it´s so crazy to think she could be in malaysia right now... wow.
Ok, that´s it I think for this week. Till next week, not a second wasted---
Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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