Monday, January 31, 2011



what a week. I´m so tired. I am so satisfied, but so tired. The good news is we got help here!!!! Yes, that´s right, last week we had our dedication of the chapel, and we had 130 people show up to the chapel! so awesome. The best part is that of those, we had 25 non members and 15 investigators. When the mission president saw all the people he decided that this tiny little town needed 2 more missionaries.. So he sent them that day. Elder Kinney and Elder De Leon joined the cause of turning this city into a district with high hopes and new life. It´s a completely american house. We all feel so good, we see the blessings of such a warm and welcoming town every week. I also see the blessings back home with everything going on.

also, we had a baptism saturday as you know. One of our baptisms fell through unexpectedly but the other is so strong. SUCH a good kid, Franci leocadio fernandez. The brother of Carlos Manuel. I had a baptism that I had my hand completely in. I have never felt more complete as a missionary, or as a human being for that matter, than when I have the oppotunity to partake in the ordinance of baptism. It´s so beautiful.
That whole family is going to be baptized. I will see it. I will not make it happen though, the lord will.

I don´t have too much time, I need to go to this activity at the church. It´s really important that I go tonight. I am so behind today because every 1st p day of the transfer we go to santiago. That drained me today. I got all the shopping done for a while and sent my letters and stuff. Still havent written to you all with all the letters for jake and the seminary students but i will next p day. I am soooooo tired. I work so hard. It shows on my face. I was so stressed this weekend and everything turned out fine, and finally tomorrow it´s just a regular day, which is in reality is a rest.

SO we now have a fantino district. Because of the work of walker and I and a couple other elders. It feels amazing. Downright incredible to be honest. It motivates me every day to work hard. It motivates me every day to learn spanish. I don´t know what happened, but when elder walker left my spanish went from decent to good. I could understand better, and more importantly I could speak better. Like.. a lot better. I can get around almost entirely now without too much trouble. It´s a good thing, because that 6 month mark is coming fast.

so, with almost 4 months down on the mission I feel really comfortable. I feel really good, I feel so privileged to be serving the lord.

I´m sorry that this letter was really short and def not detail oriented, but I just can´t think straight I´m so tired. I need to get to sleep good and early tonight.

btw, elder kinney is from california and elder de leon is from texas. They are both studs. Good missionaries. We´ll need it.

And one more thing, from here on out just send things by the regular mail, not by the miami address. When I told people that I got my packages through miami they laughed and called me a greenie. DEFINITELY USE THE OTHER ADDRESS.

alright.. that really is it. I love you momma and dad, thanks for continuing to support me. Keep it up.

Por fin, yo termine,

nos veremos mom and dad, in a little more than a year

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