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Ok i didn´t mean to make that sound so urgent but I only check this once a week so it´s important that you answer everything. I´ll answer all your questions, don´t worry. But, my one question is the login and password to my blog, i wanna see it. My comp maintains one and as long as it´s just on p days it´s not a problem so help me out and give me the password and stuff so i can see it. thanks!

also, just one more question.. i think. What is the email address of pres. keyes. I wanna write him but the address he gave me is wrong.

oh, and i´m really glad you haven´t sent the package because I can´t remember if i told you i needed one of these, but I need an electric shaver. I am shaving every other day now and I need something quick so i don´t have to waste so much time every morning.. ok so it´s not that much time wasted but they are just so stinking convenient. haha so.. just a cheap one is ok but it´s much appreciated. thanks

Alright, that´s it. To answer your question, I haven´t quite waded through all the candy you sent me. ;) I loved it, but it was a ton. And YES, I GOT THE PACKAGE FROM GRANDMA! I was so pumped to see it. There was some AWESOME stuff in there. So cool. Thanks grandma!

also, the package from ellen came. Wow. That´s all I can say. See´s candy tastes so much better than anything withen 500 miles of here. No joke. It´s incredible. Thank you so much elly.

But I¨ve been really good momma. I have a couple of good things this week to share.

first of all, we had an activity last wednesday night at the new chapel. It was REALLY successful, we had 49 people show up to an activity which is just unheard of. Not only that, but of those 49 people.. brace yourself mom and dad.. 29 were investigators. Yes, that´s right. It was.. wow just a miracle. That´s all you can say. We are trying to get 2 more missionaries here because we have.. we counted.. 58 progressing investigators. It´s just too many for 2 elders. It´s great that the work is awesome here but it would just suck to lose a soul because we are just stretched too thin.

miracle number 2: so to tell this story I need to rewind 3 weeks to the baptism of Carlos Manuel, the young man I got to baptize myself. Ever since his baptism his family has been really excited for baptism themselves, his father, mother and older brother. They are golden, just really good people and sort of my project I feel because I´ve been here the whole time in their progression. The problem is the father is stilled married to another woman. It´s really tough to get a divorce here and super costly, which is why marriage itself is really rare. Anyway, for the last couple lessons we´ve taught to this family the father has been getting up and leaving right before we teach, i sense because he´s afraid of acknowledging the fact that he has to get a divorce in order to get baptized. He knows the church is true.. he knows. But he doesn´t have much money so it´s really hard for him to get that divorce. We went to their house last night and taught the family without him there again, he had left earilier to work. Me, my companion, and the branch president shared one of the most beautiful messages I´ve heard on the family and the importance of being united. We all felt the spirit and a normally chaotic house was left peaceful and serene. The mom of the family said an absolutely incredible prayer and we left..

Meanwhile I was just a little disappointed that the father wasn´t there. As we were walking on the street we just ¨just so happened¨ to run into him (like i said in my talk, i don´t believe in coincidence anymore). I felt a really strong impression to mention the divorcio, but I didn´t have to. He mentioned. I can´t explain why but he brought it up. I just sort of looked at my Elder Walker and he looked at me. He wants to get it finallized. The president knows a member attorney who can settle his case less expensively. The joy that has filled my heart for the last day can only be described in D&C 18: 15-16. I love this work.

Also, like i said on the phone, the last 3 weeks have been hard. Like really hard. I have felt like a baby minus the cute qualities like being small and helpless. I have just felt like a big ugly baby. I couldn´t understand what people were saying to me, I couldn´t respond even if I did.

That brings me back to yesterday. We had a meeting with all the trainers and trainees in the mission, and president lee was in charge. It was miraculous.. i understood just about everything he said. Not only him, but the other dominicans also. I could also have real conversations, not just hey how are you doing conversations, with my dominican elder friends that I met in the MTC. I don´t know how to describe pure joy that i felt after that. Yesterday was one of the best days of my mission to date, with hopefully many more to come.

But, my point in telling you about our investigators progress and my language was to tell you about the power of fasting. It is, as president lee says, poderisimo. Super powerful. I fasted for my investigators and my language abilities and my investigators specifically and low and behold my prayers were answered in small but miraculous ways.

That´s it for this week. Till the next correo electronico (email), not a second wasted in the DR

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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