Friday, March 18, 2011


I actually don't know if that's how you spell Mamasita.. hmmm.. i'll look that up later.

Anyway month 4 of the mission was incredible, and something about this last week was different.. I think you're right.. I'm getting it. I know what's going on. I know the language better. I know what people are saying. I know what is expected of me and I know what I should expect of others. I have never felt more comfortable on the mission. I know this is where I'm supposed to be.

Not that I ever questioned that, but it's a little different feeling when you don't understand anyone and you can't make what you want to say very clear. This last week I even taught gospel principles, held a good hour long conversation with a young man I just baptized and was able to understand just about everyone. It's still coming and going, but i really don't need to update you on the language anymore because, like you said, I'm "getting it". It's a good feeling. I now have two groups of missionaries that are younger than me. I am no longer the "greenie", just a newer missionary. I actually do want a spanish speaking comp, a dominican or a mexican.. maybe that one chilean in the mission, just to perfect the old spanish.

Ok, now for updates on transfers.. sorry this wasn't first i sort of forgot. As you might imagine (because I forgot to put it in) nothing changed. I am still with carpenter and everyone in the house stayed. It's amazing but really awesome. I get along really well with everyone and we all seem to mesh really well with each other. My comp is a little cynical sometimes about the people here but that's because he has reason to be.. he has had some awful dominican comps that have burned him out. Also, they are really bad about following through with committments and being on time to things. It's sort of hard to not pick up.. because if you show up to an appointment on time they almost assuradly won't be there.. you have to adopt their attitude or else you never teach.

This last week carnaval ended and it was also independence day here. It fell on the same day.. it was... absolutely out of control. If people drank and partied before they took it to a whole new level that day. We were thinking about not leaving.. but we did. It was an exchange and I got to be in the other area for a day. We had 4 solid lessons.. pretty amazing since the other side had 1 lesson and usually that's the good side. Elder De Leon and I did really good work, i want to exchange with him more often. We taught really well together and worked hard.

But, since independence day and carnaval fell on the same day we only had 3 investigators at church.. But, when I really thought about it, really it's amazing we had anyone there. I was grateful for what we had but next week will be better.

I actually think a lot about the missionary work in Ada in Fantino because Fantino reminds me so much of Ada. I thought about cameron going spanish speaking and he and i going out with the missionaries a lot when I get back and converting all the mexicans in Ada.

I still love the mission. It's amazing that it's passed so fast. I think about my time... 5 months. That's something that actually sounds considerable. It's only about a year and a half till you come and vacation here with me. I may sleep a lot.. just a heads up.. But i'll have my fun too. You and mom will love it here, i can promise you that. It's a beautiful country and I will be able to get us around cheaply since I speak spanish.. as far as vans and taxis go. I love you momma, and dad, and i got joy's letter in the email but i'm saving it for when I have the hard copy in the mail, it's better that way.

One more email coming with a few experiences.. hang tight

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