Sunday, February 27, 2011


So yeah I'm almost 6 months into the mission. I feel good. Really
good. I must say the days are long but the weeks are short, the weeks
are long but the months are short, the months are long but the years
are.. .well i haven't hit a year so I wouldn't know. But they're still
pretty long.

One thing that makes the days go by fast is a baptism. We had another
one this saturday, carpenter and I. His name is Oliver, he's another
studly young man that wants to serve a mission. What was really neat
was the lesson we had the other night with his mother. She is a really
kind catholic woman who had a huge smile and a humble home. She has
never been interested in our message but after her son's baptism she
has really warmed up. The lesson the other night was evidence to just
how powerful the spirit is. I bore my testimony, simple (because i
can't bear it too complexly in spanish) yet sincere, and asked her if
she had any questions or needed anything. That is something we always
ask, but it took her a little while to answer. Elder carpenter and I
realized it was because she was crying. Crying because she had felt
something she felt at the baptism, and quite possibly her tears were
tears of recognition that what she felt was not a coincidence, but a
testament from the Holy Ghost that everything is true. She will be
baptized. She knows it, I know it, and most of all God knows it, but
it's always her choice. I hope she follows through with her powerful
witness, but everyone has their agency, so in the end it's up to her.

Anyway, we are also teaching a perfect family. We took the branch
president to their house the other day and he was really pleased with
what he saw. They are progressing really well, I just hope they go to
church. I would love to marry and baptise a family, that's something I
haven't done yet and i hope to do before my time is up here in

Speaking of marrying a family, we have a marriage date for a couple,
Mela and Momo for the 5th of March. They are awesome, especially him.
He has a testimony of everything, and if they are going to follow
through with it it will be his doing. I hope i stay for one more
transfer here, but at the same time I really do want other elders to
be blessed with the opportunity to be in this area. It's an amazing
area, the members are excited, the branch president and second
counselor both leave with us, and I stil feel big things happening
here. It's an amazing work here. I thank God every day for all of our

That's a sufficient update on the work.. let's see.. Oh tomorrow we
travel to Bonao for a capacitation from the assistants. I love fantino
but it's always fun to leave the area for a bit and spread the
figurative wings for a bit.

My comp and I are still getting along. We actually cook quite a bit
together. We cooked scrambled eggs, sausage and peppers and onions
last night. It was fantastic! Especially the cheese we threw in there
at the end. I'm trying to make you jealous with the food I ate but i
just failed miserably.. haha you do it to me every week (secretly I
like it a little bit but it's cruel). I love to remember the different
foods I used to eat, it gives me something to look forward to when I
get back.

I love the mission. I wrote that melisa again today. She's fun to
write.. actually like more fun than rachelle. haha she's witty and
keeps up with my humor, i like it. Not to mention she's really
attractive.. we'll see what happens, but i'm just having fun for now.

Let's see.. oh I have some good pictures for you all. We had some
p-day fun today in a random field. Also, there's some videos i want to
send of my toenail and a man that's training his rooster for a cock
fight. Classic DR stuff.

Love you all. Take care of yourselves, especially momma. Catch up on
the sleep and don't be ashamed, you need it. I'll see you in just over
a year and a half.

till next week, not a second wasted here in fantino,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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